Outlook 2007 search on Windows 11 fails by returning no results

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Since I upgraded to windows 11, Outlook no longer can search for text in messages.

This was working on Windows 10 and Windows 8/7.


This issue is causing me a headache, I had this issue when upgraded to Windows 10 but was able to fix it searching on the net.


I have tried everything Microsoft support pages suggested, and many others, but with no resolution.


Thank you for any help to resolve the problem.


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Thank you for this. It works!


Thanks! Your approach (posted Oct 02, 2022) was all I needed to do - deselect the Personal Folders from indexing within the Outlook *app* search options & restart Outlook.

I didn't need to remove "Microsoft Office Outlook" from the Control Panel Indexing Options. Not sure if the Control Panel indexing is still used for Outlook app searches, but the search results are FAST!

Happy for you.... what a pain that was... was win 11 really worth it.

@beker   Thanks!  Huge help!  This worked perfectly!


Now the question is how to upgrade to office 365 online and move all of my email, calendar data and contacts to the cloud.   Is this possible without an exchange server and if so how?


Thanks Agian!



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Im also sure that on the sign in screen there was an option to use outlook for windows 11 users for free.
I would preferer to keep all of my files local rather than on a cloud server. 

Try this link




I love when the solution is so counterintuitive... Thanks for this.


By the way, I also love to see how many people still use Office 2007 besides me :lol:


Thank you so much. That worked for me also.

Google Explorer Patcher.
Download and install that, and you can get most of what you could do with Win10.
I have always had my taskbar at the top and that got me that back. i have just dragged a shortcut to the taskbar and that stayed there.


Strangely enough, on my laptop with outlook 2007 and WIn 11, the indexing is fine???