Attachments from OneDrive in an Outlook email

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I have repeatedly tried to attach 100 jpg pictures from OneDrive to an Outlook email.  Keep getting the message "files could not be attached.  Try again later."  Am I missing a step?

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Hello. So in the settings you have to decide whether the attachments should be as a link to the
OneDrive = this setting is valid for larger files!
Or as a copy of a file from OneDrive = this for smaller files is the correct setting ! Please write if it works? Good luck.
Hello. Of course 100 jpg. can only be shared as a link to OneDrive and you need to set what permissions you share with, i.e. whether you can edit or read-only!

Thank you for responding.  I tried again to upload my jpg pictures as attachments in OneDrive.  Of the 105 50 uploaded successfully with the message, anyone can view.  The remaining 55 could not be attached, and the message please try again later.  In a separate email I tried to attach the missing pictures and got the same message.  In settings I could not find a setting for Outlook, and instead was directed to Navigator.  How and where do I change the settings in Outlook, and will this make a difference in what is attached?  I am sending these pictures to a printing company, and they will need to download these files.  I'm at a loss as to how to proceed.

Hello. You need to open all Outlook settings, then select - attachments sharing preferences and select to share as a link to OneDrive and if you want the printing company to be able to improve or change photos then allow editing. If you do not agree to any changes in the photos, set it read-only and no one will change this file. this is the basic setting and you need to decide on it immediately before sending ! In general, it is safe and everyone does so, only you can still decide how long this sharing will take, because you share a folder and if you add other photos to this folder, they will also be accessed forever, limit the time of access to the person you send!

Where do I find Outlook settings. I cannot find a settings icon on the Outlook page, nor under settings in the start menu... or am I having a senior moment... OK, I found the Outlook attachments settings, and set it to a link in OneDrive.  I could not find an option for read only.  With the new settings saved I proceeded to again attach my 105 jpg pictures as OneDrive attachments, and again got the following message:  49 files couldn't be attached. Please try again later.  What's up with that?

The easiest way will be to directly open the OneDrive and there search for those 49 photos that can not be shared via Outlook, and there marks how to share.
Whether read-only or only to specific people and so is the safest! Directly from onedrive is best managed immediately before sending = sharing this folder ! Try doing this, write how it works, but it should be good luck Andrew.

Thank you for trying to assist, but despite having success uploading numerous files from OneDrive to an email... I tried to follow your instructions, and tried every option I thought was possible,  and continued to get the "cannot upload" message.  I finally had to give up, and when I contacted the printing company they suggested using   When I opened this link, by right clicking on the file I wanted to upload, and chose the option "send to...", I was able to create a zip file that was uploaded to mailbigfile and sent to my printer... with no problem.  I saved myself further frustration trying to make OneDrive attachments work.  Still can't figure out what I was doing wrong... maybe next time...