Outlook on your mobile browser is being upgraded
Published Jan 24 2020 10:00 AM 14.5K Views

Not long ago we released an opt-in toggle for users to be able to try the new experience of Outlook in a mobile browser, while we are working to make this experience better we wanted to give you a heads-up of the features that are coming, and some that won’t be there anymore.


Following are the set of features not yet available in the new version of Outlook in a mobile browser. 


Currently not supported (Coming soon)


  • Approval Assistant (updated March 3rd) 
  • Add cloud attachments from first- and third-party providers
    • Add attachments from OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other third-party cloud storage providers
  • Item view for incoming mails
    • Each message received will be considered as a new message list item. Currently we have support for conversation view for email threads.
  • Choose “from” address while sending an email message
    • Ability to switch between email addresses on the “from” line while sending email messages
  • Reply with meeting
  • Search suggestions
  • Show categories applied to messages
  • Display categories applied to messages in the list view and reading pane
  • Suggested replies


  • Swipe between days in Day view
  • Calendar event help text
    • Tips on recurring event and event responses in event details page
  • Create events from day view
    • Tap on the day view to create events at a specific time
  • Option to propose new time
  • Attach files when creating an events
  • Ability to view Shared calendars


  • Schedule a meeting from contact card
  • Launch map from contact location
    • Launches a Bing search for the location
  • Add school, location, hobbies in other details while creating or editing a contact
  • Search suggestions
  • Directory list in menu
    • List of directories available from the menu
  • Access to Settings from the People view


The following features will not be supported anymore in the new Outlook for mobile browsers.


  • No option to set message sensitivity & importance
    • Set sensitivity and importance to specific message sent
  • No voting buttons
  • Read receipts
  • No option to apply retention policies
  • No access to add-ins
  • No ability to view shared folders and shared mailbox in folder list


  • No Calendar search
  • set email reminder for events
  • No support for adding or searching for people’s calendars
  • No ability to add groups’ calendars
  • No option control from Settings which events from your email are automatically added to your calendar


  • Contact & contact list filter
    • View contact and contact list separately. In the new Outlook this can be done from the menu option in People section.
  • No ability to search within folders


This update will make Outlook faster, with a better design, and help us deploy fixes and updates in less time for a more secure experience than before.


If there are features you can’t find  or if you have any feedback, please reach out to us on our UserVoice channel.



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