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I'm hoping to find help here on a specific topic.
I use my Outlook exclusively on my mail app for IOS - I only log on to the laptop from time to time to check logs.
If I now go to Data protection -> Apps and services (see image), OndeDrive appears here at irregular intervals. Sometimes every other day, sometimes every five days. There is no recognizable pattern. Office Shared Components can also be seen in the list.
I have never used either.
I even went into OneDrive specifically to deactivate it, so I don't share anything with anyone else.
When I download the report (see 2nd image), there is no useful information in it such as the time of use or an IP address - so it is not helpful.
I rarely receive mails with attachments that could be synchronized. Another newly created Outlook email account of mine has absolutely no OneDrive activity.
Is it possible that someone is synchronizing my communication in the background? I have only had 2FA activated since last year, and an attack on the email in question is possible.
Thank you for your help.


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