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Hello all,


I am just trying to understand why does not work this scenario:

  • I am writing email in Outlook/OotW and I want to attach a file to it.
  • It asks me if I want to attach it directly or as link to OfB as I have it stored there.
  • So I pick option to share as link. Recipients are outside organization.
  • They are not able to access it.


If I go to OfB and share same file from there it is working perfectly.


So what is wrong? Why it is not possible to simple attach link to file to email for recipients outside tenant?

Thank you for your answer.


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When you attach a file   -  By Default it is org can edit.





Try Changing it to Recipient2.PNG

Note that the external user may have to signin or create a Microsoft account with the same sent email address. 

The default should actually respect the settings configured in the SPO/ODFB admin centers, for example in my tenant it's "Everyone can edit". But I agree, that's what the OP should check.

Hello @Maruthi Gadde this is clear for me.

The problematic part is that recipient needs to have MS account to access file. Because when I use sharing approach from OfB - Share with specific people (email) then recipient does not need to have MS account he is asked to fill email and then there is send confirmation password and he has access to file.


Another problem with this Share via Outlook email is that there is no sign about such sharing in Manage access in OfB. No link created, nothing.

For me it seems like this kind Outlook kind of sharing is working strange. Especially when it comes to external sharing.

The question is if that is by design or there is something wrong?


I tried in my tenant and see exactly what you are seeing.

If shared out of OneDrive the sharing works. If shared out via a File Attachment in Outlook, it asks for and requires the recipient to setup a Microsoft account, irrespective of whether Anyone Can Edit or Recipient Can Edit is selected, which is not how it should behave.

@Stephen Rose should be able to clarify this.

@Pavel Večeř 
Hello Pavel, the sharing of OneDrive files through the main Outlook options sometimes lack of simplicity and clarity.
If you want, you can have a look at the Attach2Cloud product, this product offers to share files through a nice and easy control center in which the permissions displayed are the only one offered on your tenant.


With Attach2Cloud you can also target other platform like Sharepoint or Teams. 
You can use all the OneDrive permissions allowed, while in Outlook you are limited to a subset of them.


If you want to see by yourself, you can ask a fully functional evaluation of Attach2Cloud and you can try in few minutes to see how you can make a full use of your OneDrive power from inside Outlook.