Team site sync migration

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Hi all,


Our building is going through renovation and we are required to move to a different building temporarily.

Because the temp building will have less spaces we will require to use some of our desktops as hot spots (different user every day) This means we will need the SharePoint libraries that a user synced in the past, to be synced in every computer the user logs into. GPO is a partial solution.

I need a way to backup the synced libraries and configure the sync on a different computer automatically when the user logs in on a different computer (kind of like folder redirection and network drives logon scripts)


Thanks in advance.



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Your asking for more trouble than it's worth. Can users not utilize shared with me views via OneDrive web, to access what they need temporarily? Might be a good opportunity to get users out of the habit of relying on local files for everything.

@Chris WebbI understand what you are saying, this request comes from my manager and I am trying to give him options.

I am asking this because people will have to use different station everyday and we want their login to be as smooth as possible.