Migrating Zee Drive to OneDrive

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We are currently using Zee Drive for all our file storage, however, we are working on migrating to OneDrive for Business. We have already started the process and have created the directories and moved a large amount of files. My main question is now that we have started the process, can we rename the directories, especially starting at the root level, as we are running into issue with the 400 character limit. For example, our root directory in OneDrive is Hawkins Construction Co. Team Site, we would like to shorten to HCC, will this cause a lot of problems with file paths? Or will OneDrive eventually just sync everything to the new directory name? Any guidance or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


Here is our OneDrive file structure now. We would like to shorten all the directories:


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There is a tenant rename feature that might solve this use, but it implies to rename the URL of SharePoint and OneDrive - https://petri.com/how-to-rename-your-sharepoint-domain-in-microsoft-365