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I have recently noticed files missing from my OneDrive.


I currently have my OneDrive folder synced to two different computer desktops.  I have checked sync status, which is fine, and both computers are currently up to date with windows updates.  I have checked the recycle bins on both computers as well as the recycle bins (and secondary bins) within OneDrive in my browser to no avail.


What makes this more than just a case of perhaps a 'bad sync' or accidental deletion of files, is that if I log into my OneDrive via the browser and manually navigate to the folders and files I need, the files are missing - however, if I search for the files, they appear but have no location, file size or file path!


I am able to click and download the files this way, one by one as a workaround if I know the name of the file I am missing, but I am concerned that these files are in some temporary vortex and that my files may eventually disappear before I figure out what's missing!


What makes this just as bizarre is that the missing files are completely random: I have multiple folder structures, and it appears that approx. half of every single folder is missing.  There is no correlation between file size or type - it is a complete mix of graphics, design files and word/excel documents.


Has anyone experienced this, and does anyone know where these files might be hiding and how I get them back?


I have attached a snip of my OneDrive search results - you will notice these files appear to not exist anywhere, or have any file size.  But I am still able to individually click and download them.



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We recognized those behavior when file +Folder length (Counted letters) exceeded the 256. OneDrive has issues to cover this. Have you tried to shorten Folder/File names just for test?



Thanks for the quick reply.


If I change the folder names, are my files supposed to magically re-appear? Or is this a fix to stop future files from disappearing?


FYI - I just did a character count, and the file location length, including the file name, is less than 100 characters for the files that are missing in my image above.

@Samantha1986we had this Case on one user with huge Folder lengh, but 100 is too short for this one.


I assume you have enabled the sync on demand feature in OneDrive? Otherwise the files should be visible at least on the Computer where you uploaded them. Have you checked online whethere they are fully visible there?

Only place I would think they could be sitting is a preservation library? If you go to onedrive web and site contents do you have a library similar to that in there? Might have to go to site settings to get to the lists to see it too.
Hi Nick,

There files were visible both online as well as on both computers 'before' this happened.
Now the only way I can 'see' them is if I 'search' online. As per my screenshot above, they do not appear to be anywhere.

@Chris Webb 


Thanks Chris,


Is this the area you are referring to?

I can't seem to find anything like what you are referring to - thoughts?



sort of, it would show there if it were on thou and I don't see it. I would contact support through admin portal if you have access to see if you can get logs to it. If you have global admin and can do audit log searches in compliance center, and you know a file name, you should be able to go into the audit log as well and search for the file to possibly see actions that occurred to your files if they were within 90 days where they disappeared they should show in there and it might shed some clues as well.

@Chris Webb 


Thanks Chris,


I do have access to that - I will have a go at that later today and let you know how I go.