All files missing in OneDrive

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Bought a new laptop three months ago and set up OneDrive to sync my documents on the computer. Suddenly all files are missing. All folders are completely empty! What has happened?

I am logged in with the correct account. The files are also missing in OneDrive on the web. How can I restore the files?

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@Vasil Michev Thanks for your reply!

I’ve already tried to restore from 30 days back. Unfortunately the files were missing even here. I’ve read that Microsoft can do a restore even 90 days back. There are lots of folders that has been changed the same date (16/1 2024) and I think I need to pass that date. Do you know how to get in contact with a Microsoft specialist?

I’ve already tried that number but they refer to the website. Now I see that there is an alternate number. I will try that today…
Now I have tried both phonenumbers, but it's impossible to reach a Microsoft support specialist. Unfortunately, I think this is the only solution for me. I hope the supportteam read this and call me up.