OneDrive for Business sharing entire drive when trying to share one specific sub folder

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Recently several colleagues encountered the issue of OneDrive for Business sharing one's ENTIRE OneDrive root folder when merely trying to share a specific sub folder.


Does anyone know how this is possible and how it can be prevented on an admin level?


Thanks in advance!

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You can't Share your entire drive, there is no Share button available at the root. The only way to share it is to go out of your way and go to site settings and explicitly give someone access to your OneDrive site as a whole.

Your best bet in this case is user education since there is no way to prevent this that I'm aware of.
I understand the point you're making regarding sharing your entire OneDrive. The problem (or bug) consist of OneDrive sharing the root folder when a user is only trying to share one specific subfolder or file.

In the case of a folder placed directly in the OneDrive root folder, one's entire OneDrive is effectively shared.

So, you mean the shared with user now can access the entire OneDrive folder? What does the experience look like! Is the correct folder shown in the mail and in the "shared with me"/"shared by me"" folder in the users OneDrive webclient?

If so,

Also verify permissions on the users OneDrive in SharePoint!


Is the users who shared the folder the only owner?


/ Adam

Yeah Adam brings up a good point about someone having access already to their onedrive then they get a shared link and see everything. Something doesn't add up. Not saying this couldn't be a bug, but def. needs some more investigating to rule out any odd script that could have run, or the user doing user type things :P.

Yeah, if this really happens and also there is no permissions set for that user, this is a major bug! Can you please post some pictures if possible of the experience also


/ Adam

Both users weren't administrators nor did they have elevated rights in any root folder. The invitations received by the users displayed granted access to the root folder and not to the specific subfolder (which is in line with the granted rights).

I'm trying to replicate the issue and will provide some pictures soon.
Geez! If they get acces to the entire root folder create a ticket for it and work it out with MS!! Keep us posted!


I spotted this bug back in June 2015 and recorded a screen capture of the steps to reproduce it.  (Here's the video:


I reproduced it today using the classic UI in OneDrive for Business, but I couldn't produce it in the modern UI.


Essentially, you select to share a file or folder and while the details pop up is open, you unselect the file -- and then click "share".  Instead of sharing a file/folder, you're sharing the entire document library.

I first spotted this bug in June 2015 and I confirmed today (1/29/2019) that it is still there in the classic UI.

I think this particular "bug" is more prone to slow computers and/or click happy end users.

Yeah, but it should be possible though