How to manage environment variable after migration to OneDrive

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We are in process of File Server Home Directory migration to OneDrive. After migration we are making home directory as read only. And after 90 days of migration file server will be decommissioned.


We have some of the application which is running as published Citrix app.

During the startup of the Published application, an INI file is placed on the users homedirectory by using the environmental variables %HOMEDRIVE% and %HOMEPATH%.


After migration How can we now solve this issue, should we use another environmental variable for this, if so then how?





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Unless you have the source of the app, or there is a configuration option for the file location, you cannot change where the file ends up. You can however modify the value of the environmental variables, even "virtualize" them by using a script that changes the value before the application starts, then changes it back.