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As I learn more about a teams and channels I realize I need to convert channels to shared instead of private or standard. How do I do this with out losing the information in the channels?


I do not want to create a multiple teams. I have created channels per capital project we have planned. These channels will include the contractor contacts to be able to see the file for the project.  I started two projects as standard, but now I do not want all the contractor added to be able to view all the jobs listed. Please advise how to proceed.

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@KatieNelson You can't change a channel type, you can only delete and recreate.


I don't really understand the issue you have, only members of a private channel can see that a private channel exists.

I would like to store files in there that I can access outside of teams app. Private channels do not allow that. I am not able to access those share point files from the backdoor where I can move files into the folder. I do not want to loose the files that are stored there for future reference.
The other concern. I do not want to add every person to the team, just the channel.
Shared Channel is your only option then, as standard and private require Team membership.

As for the files. You can still view the files in SharePoint the same way as you can in standard channels, they are just in their own site. Go to the channel in Teams and click the ... > Open in SharePoint and it will take you to the file location.