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All.  Are there still issues surrounding delays within phone system.  In particular we are seeing issues where users are putting calls on hold and when clicking the 'resume' button there is no immediate response.  While I am aware that there may be a 5 to 7 second delay before the action is acknowledged and calls are resumed....  can anyone provide any update or potential roads to look down to resolving the problem?

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Hi @BenRooke , 

I am not a microsoft guy, I do not have information about the plans to fix this but I wrote article about this behavior which tries to explain reasons why. It is problem coming from current design of the onhold function and the luxury of having the ICE protocol handling the media negotiation.

Thanks for the info. Will definitely give that a read..


I am seeing the same issue across three separate instances of MS Direct Routing that I have tested.

I don't yet know of a solution but keen to hear if anyone else gets one.

In the mean time I will keep looking!




@Murray Walker @BenRooke

As I was doing more tests since my last response I can give you another point of view on this issue probably. The delay is noticeable also for regular Teams calls between Teams users and not only for Direct Routing calls. I still believe the negotiation of the media and transfer of the call to another On-Hold music source generates some of the delay but not the whole time.

On top of that I have observed different time of the delay on different PCs and I assume it was related to HW configuration of the PC. 

@BenRookeWe are seeing a 5-7 second delay on incoming calls from the PSTN. We can hear the called party say hello but they can't hear the external caller for 5-7 seconds. We have not been able to figure out if it is an issue with Audiocode Gateways or Microsoft Teams. We are leaning toward Teams because the call is answered and we can hear hello from person in Teams but the Teams called can't hear the caller for 5-7 seconds. Did you find any more information about your delay?

@BillJensen We've been seeing this on lines we've registered for trial purposes. It's the single largest issue keeping us from migrating phone systems to Teams.

@BenRooke We are having the same issue calling into a Teams Auto Attendant. We are also direct routing using audiocodes. Did you find a solution?
Where exactly in the flow do you have problem with delayed audio?

@DaveChomi we are now experiencing a delay of 3 to 5 seconds when the call is transferred from the Auto Attendant to the call Queue.  We resolved the initial issue by forcing only one CODEC to be offered to Teams.

Have you enabled conference mode on the call queue? That should improve a lot.
Yes, we have...


Just to add additional points, when I check "call health" available in Microsoft Teams Preview, it shows 5 to 7 sec delay