Delay between moving / creating users in Teams Tenant and when they can start using their phone

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Hello everyone. I have a question regarding delays. 

I am moving my Skype users to Teams (and also creating new users) and I'm faced with two issues. I'm unsure if these issues are unique to me or it's a global thing.


1) When I create the user it seems that there is a huge (I mean almost 2 day) delay before the phone number is usable. Both internally (Teams to Teams) and externally (calling my extension from my cell phone) I think it's a delay because the latter seems to work for certain people but not others. Some people can call my extension and it arrives as a call and others simply get the message "I cannot find this user in the directory"


2) When I either migrate or create a new user it sometimes can take up to 1 week before I see my number pad in Teams. It eventually arrives, but I think it's abnormal.


Is there something I can do to speed this up? Is it a Microsoft issue? Is it an issue where I am not putting it the correct commands to properly push propagation?



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just following up on this has anyone ever experienced this?
I'm currently assisting a customer with a Skype On-Prem to Teams migration and they're experiencing the same issue. It took over 12 hours for the users dialpad to show up in Teams. Even after multiple restarts. Is there ANYONE who sees this or is there something i'm missing?


This isn't only you. We had a call with Microsoft support and they confirmed to us that several clients have complained their tenants are taking up to 3 weeks to completely replicate. In our case they made some back end changes and it seems to have resolved the issue but we were at their mercy.

When the dialpad was not showing up we did the following


"Quit" Microsoft teams totally from background. (click on show hidden icon >> Right click on teams >> "quit").


>> Open "RUN" go to "%appdata%\Microsoft\Teams" and delete "Cache, Tmp, Gpu cache" folders.


>> After deleting the mentioned folders sign-out and sign-in from teams and check the behavior of the issue.

Thanks @audi911 So, It sounds like it's a caching issue (local) and not necessarily a tenant issue? The next user I move, i'll check the web client to see if it shows up there. Thanks for replying!
For the dialpad, it's a caching issue (you will see it on the web)
You need to remove those cached folders and it will work. We have this tested and confirmed.
It does eventually show up if you don't touch it but if you want the dial pad to show up right away you will need to delete those folders.
THanks :)