Auto Attendant and Call Queues Service Update
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Service update notification

The service updates for Auto Attendant and Call Queues were completed successfully this week. The updates introduce new capabilities, namely:


1. Centralized holiday tables that can be reused across apps. You will find it under Org wide settings

2. You can assign Direct Routing numbers to Auto Attendant and Call Queues (as of today DR with AA/CQ support Teams users only)

3. You can assign a hybrid number to AA/CQ (OPCH Released 6/17, CCE Update: Released on 9/5)

4. You can assign Multiple numbers to an auto attendant or call queue

5. Round Robin routing option is introduced in call queues


The updates prepare the services as well for the upcoming features:

6. Transfer out to PSTN from auto attendant and call queues

7. Extension dialing from auto attendant

8. Voicemail shared mailbox for auto attendant and call queues


What to expect after the service update?

  • You can now create auto attendants and call queues in Teams Admin Portal
  • Your previous auto attendants and call queues were migrated to Teams Admin portal, and they should continue to work like before
  • If you have any auto attendants or call queues left in the legacy admin portal, they will be fixed by the service and migrated to the Teams Admin Portal. However, If they are associated with an on-premises resource account, there is an action you need to take. Check out the section How to fix my hybrid apps
  • You can no longer use the legacy portal to create new application instances
  • Previous application instances do not need to be licensed, and will continue to work as is
  • New application instances will require the creation of a Resource Account, licensing it, and associating it with your application instance. Only resource accounts with a phone number need to be licensed. Update: a $0 application license (Phone System - Virtual User) can be acquired and assigned to these resource accounts. NOTE: please note that the know issue listed below (Removing phone system license corrupts the resource accounts) is still not resolved. To avoid interruption to your application, create a new resource account and license it with a virtual user license, associate it with the application and then switch the phone number to it. 

You can find the latest updates on the new admin experience and capabilities in the updated documentation:

Set up a Cloud auto attendant

Create a Cloud call queue

Manage resource accounts in Microsoft Teams

Known issues for Microsoft Teams


Known Issues with resource accounts



Issue Description

-          AA/CQ is not functional

-          Not able to assign a phone number

-          You’re getting a message “the following application instance is not present in BVD”

Allow 24h sync. If it has been already 24h, make sure you remove the phone number assignment then delete the RA, and create a new one with a different name.

resource accounts Sync Delay

-          Cannot change phone number

-          You’re getting an error “Cannot sync to BVD”

Use Cmdlet instead of the portal

Department parameter is not set properly

-          Cannot assign a toll-number (service number) from admin portal

-          Admin portal returning error “you need a phone system license”

Use Cmdlet to do that

Admin Portal have an issue with toll-number assignment, and its returning the wrong error message

-          Admin portal returning error “Call Handler…”

Resource account is not synced, or corrupted. Wait for it to sync or create a new one.

Wrong error message

-          Resource account not working

-          SIP URI disappears


Create a new RA with a different SIP URI name

Removing phone system license corrupts the resource account. Creating a new one with the same SIP URI will not work

-          Phone number blocked

Contact MS to release the TN

Deleting the resource account before removing the TN will block the phone number.


How to fix my hybrid application instances

If you still see one of more application instances in the legacy admin portal, that is because they need to be fixed in your hybrid environment, which we cannot do on your behalf. Once you fix them, they will be migrated automatically within a week to the Teams Admin Portal. To fix these application instances:


1. Log-into Skype for Business Online PowerShell

2. Run the following Cmdlet to return all auto attendants that were left behind




3. Run the following Cmdlets for each auto attendant instance to get the error message associated with it:



Get-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendant -Tenant -PrimaryUri sip:oaa_


Error message:


WARNING: 2019/05/03 02:21:59,DB42E00TAD02,Warning,Active Directory object used for locating the organizational auto attendant ( needs to be created. If you have not already done so, please execute the following cmdlet(s) on-premises:


New-CsHybridApplicationEndpoint -ApplicationId ce933385-9390-45d1-9512-c8d228074e07 -DisplayName "AA1" -SipAddress -OU [A_VALID_OU] -LineUri tel:+4051112222


4. Follow the instructions from the error message and run the New-CsHybridApplicationEndpoint Cmdlet in your on-premises environment

5. Allow up to 24 hours for the objects to sync with AAD

6. To verify that the application instance was fixed, re-run the Cmdlet in step-3 to make sure no error messages are returned.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 for each application instance

8. For call queues, running the Get Cmdlet will return all application instances errors


Get-CsHuntGroup -Tenant 470d77bf-25be-42ca-9ed4-ff30831837f4


WARNING: 2019/05/03 02:36:06,BL20A00TAD06,Warning,Attention: HuntGroup configuration is not complete. In order to complete HuntGroup configuration, you must also run corresponding on-premises commands to create the relevant object(s) in your on-premises topology. Please copy and paste the below commands and run them in your on-premises Skype for Business environment:


New-CsHybridApplicationEndpoint -ApplicationId 11cd3e2e-fccb-42ad-ad00-878b93575e07 -DisplayName "Itentive Support" -SipAddress -OU [A_VALID_OU]

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