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Hello Community,

A quick question, within our teams, we have a chat group to ask questions of any type related to our work.

The team is globally located. After some time, and the amount of question, comments and points added there, I was wondering if there is a way to analyze all of this and come out with some kind of auto-generated wiki or FAQ based on what the group ask along with the answers or at least be able to go back into the history to find back quickly the previous question?

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If have a private chat group it is hard to do that, but if the "chat group" is a Channel in Teams then you could use Power Automate (flow) to read channel messages and take those messages into a document. But there is nothing out of the box solution for this, so you have to setup your flow yourself.



Thank you @Linus Cansby 


It is a Channel within a Teams.

Do you have like a reference I can look at for implementing the Flow as you mentioned?

@PhilippeT Sorry, no. I've not done this myself, it was just an idea but something like this might work.



More information about Teams functions in Power Automate flows here:

Agree should be able definitively to do something with Flow and/or Teams API
Thank you will check this out then
The existing Flow triggers only will allow for new messages. To parse your old channel messages you would have to utilize Graph API's to pull the data our and then pass that to one of the Bot API's might be best. Search around for Teams bots, there are some sessions at ignite too around it. Then find a way to export from Graph the data in the channel and then maybe go from there. I think it's possible, but def. going to take some work and dev to get going :).

@Linus Cansby 

Thank you for the info.

I started based your screenshot and it worked.

I used the message body content instead of the message.



Hello @PhilippeT,

I am interested in what you could achieve with the processing of chat. I am in a situation where I would like to build list of questions and answers to these dropped during an online meeting so that during that meeting we can have a timeboxed Q&A. Today, I do this inventory manually
While facilitating the online meeting. I am sure that a certain level au automation can help here but no clue where to start… therefore your insights would be very valuable! Thanks in advance.
Regards, Olivier


Hello Olivier,


It has been some time. I put a flow in place which would pick up all new discussion or thread from a channel of a team into an Excel file.

I let it run for a bit, and then check the result. To make it more useful, I would probably need to add more step in my flow and probably have a dev to do some customization.
I stopped doing this because I was not able to use the result in the excel file to kind of process and build a kind of FAQ based on the discussion. 

For your need, maybe you can look in  having the Form in place before the call using the Form application and to send it in the call for the Q&A. The Form application will register all the answers for each question which you can then export in an Excel sheet to review.

I think that when you do like an event like type of call, you do have the functionality to setup a Q&A part integrated from which you can get the feedback but I have not used or look into that.


Sorry I am not able to help you much on this.

Best regards, Philippe