Teams Search for Employee only shows one result instead of two

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We only have two staff members named "Araceli", "Araceli G" and "Araceli R".


When searching in Teams for "Araceli", it shows one result. This one result happens to be "Araceli G" but I and other staff are trying to find "Araceli R".


You can see in the screenshot below, I have correspondence with "Araceli R", and yet the "People" section of the "All" tab only shows "Araceli G".




Clicking on the "People" tab, both users show up:



What's the deal? "Araceli R" is not a new user and has been in our Active Directory for months.


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function "search" is.... emmm...enigma, give MS a ticket if you need

no compliment at all in MS blog