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         I tried accessing this website to fill a form and i was asked to sign into my Microsoft Account using my work or school email,  in which i did and i was granted access but then i end up viewing this

" YOU DON'T HAVE PERMISSION TO VIEW THIS FORM''.  TECHNICAL DETAILS:  Session id: 13c954da-083f-4589-b017-df84539348d2, Correlation id: ff8baa2e-6e0c-4009-912c-0bd689b9a605. 


please help how do i resolve this matter. i already contacted the organisation who created the form and all they could advise me was to keep refreshing the page and one day i will get lucky. i will really appreciate it if this can be resolved.



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@Mary500 My students are having the same issue this week. Some forms I create are working whereas others don't load by others. I am using the same format, yet some load and others don't.