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I sent out a survey Form to our entire organization but several people are getting the error message: "Something went wrong. Please make sure you have permission." I can't figure out why most people are getting that error message and only a handful are able to open it. This has never happened to me before and I've sent out several survey forms. 

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I have several Forms been using for years and was just in this afternoon that now can't access any either!
Please expand the 'Technical details' section on the error page and share the session ID and correlation ID with me. I can help to check the details from the backend.

@Dingkun Xie here's 2 of them 





Those two forms belong to one group. Access from the user was denied because they are not a member of that group. (Note that the group owner does not have access permission; only group members do)

@Dingkun Xie that does not make sense, i created these Forms and have been owner of that group and had access for 3 years, including yesterday afternoon and now none, but also had a member instead of an owner check and they can't access either.  actually weird for all of us showing 0 forms in all groups now - but there a handful in some that can access: 



appears to be working now



Yes, we did some investigation and figured out a regression in our service with limited impact. A mitigation has been applied to our service to resolve the issue. Thank you for your confirmation.

@Dingkun Xie this is the error message received when anybody but me tries to open the form. 





Our telemetry shows that access to a personal form was denied because the person trying to access it is not the form owner and does not have permission to access it. Please contact the form owner to grant collaboration permission and enable access.

@Dingkun Xie I am the form owner. How do I make it where anybody has permission to open it and complete it? I can't figure that part out. I have it marked where anybody in HHSC is supposed to be able to open and complete it. 



The session you shared indicates that a user attempted to access the design page. If you want people to respond to your form, you can share the response link with them.