Bookings with me we could not fulfil your request.

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Bookings with me we could not fulfil your request when using guest non Microsoft account.

I would screenshot the error but your file upload doesn't work here.

Error is:

Booking info, times and time zone

exclamation mark in big circle

We could not fulfil your request


big blue OK button

btw. api call response is:




"error": "Status(StatusCode=\"Internal\", Detail=\"Exception of type 'Microsoft.Outlook.Services.Bookings.Operations.SelfServiceBookingEmailVerificationRequiredException' was thrown.\")",
"code": 13,
"message": "Status(StatusCode=\"Internal\", Detail=\"Exception of type 'Microsoft.Outlook.Services.Bookings.Operations.SelfServiceBookingEmailVerificationRequiredException' was thrown.\")",
"details": [




error happens after I insert name, email and message on booking slot selection as guest


P.S. I know that there is similar thread but it looks dead and seems like Microsoft doesn't care.

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I got the exact same thing, weird thing is that even with the error, the booking appears in both sender & recipients calendar like it actually works, but that error message means the tool is close to being a good thing but totally useless if it creates an error every time 

So Microsoft, what is going to happen next?
How to escalate this issue?

I am running into this issue as well. Confirmed that it only works with signed-in users. For my test I signed into Microsoft account. It fails for guest users. 


Interestingly, when testing as a Guest user, I do receive an email with a verification code, which is normal, but I am unable to proceed any further due to the error message.  

Oh yeah, I see those emails as well, very strange.


Having the same issues.  MS, can you resolve this issue or point us to a solution?


@boristomas So no resolution to this? I have the same issue just encountered today.

Of course not.
Yes, we are having this same issue. Does anyone monitor this community to help provide answers?
So when you have selected a meeting to send, you get the popup to enter an/some email addresses and it is after that method that the error appears. We have since found out that if you don't use that email option, and opt to copy the link (in the same popup) and then include the link in your email comms, that seems to work fine, no errors at all..........not ideal but that's the workaround we are using to implement this app. It's a little clunky but it works and gets us off our Calendly subcriptions...
I just tried that and I'm getting the same error after filling out the form to book with my name and email address.

@JeannemacOK sorry I forgot to mention that when we did our testing, we simulated the scenario of what our recipients situation would be, ie. a non-corporate user email, being accessed from a basic internet connected laptop and that worked without errors - using the link copy option I mentioned.


One of our remote Recruiters now use this for emailing to job candidates and so far so good. I am about to roll it out to a few more and with those guys actually using it in the real world, we should see if that is a workable option (hopefully it is given it's part of our O365 E3 license package....)

I had some try to use my Bookings page from outside the company (gmail) and reported the same error. I was able to connect as "Guest" and complete the sign booking for the same time slot. I've just started using Bookings, but so far it's about 50/50 whether people can complete the meetings.