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I'm new to bookings and have looked through here and on YouTube, but I still need help finding what I'm looking for.


I'm looking to set up a bookings page for company health assessments. These appointments are 30 minutes long, and one of the teams that is in will complete the assessment. No single staff member will be assigned to the booking.


When setting it up, I used the shared booking pages and wanted to link this to a shared mailbox calendar that the entire team could access. I have had the below problems.


1) I have not been able to get the bookings calendar to link with the mailbox calendar.

2) When testing with my calendar, when blocking out time as off or busy, this still allows bookings even though I have turned on the Outlook events, which affects booking availability.

3) When a booking has been made through the booking page, it still displays the time slot as available and returns the error message after the staff member fills out the form. Can this be updated so that it does not show times when they are booked?


Any help would be greatly appreciated,


I appreciate any help you can provide.

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