Cant push objects off a sheet

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Im on row 1081 of my excel sheet and when I try to insert a new row a pop up says I "Can't push objects off a sheet".

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Before you look at the proposed solution, and since we do not know your Excel version, operating system, storage medium, I recommend performing an update in advance. It is recommended to always provide this information in advance in order to get a quicker and more concrete solution.


This error message occurs when you attempt to insert rows or columns in a worksheet, and the option “Nothing (hide objects)” is selected under the “For objects, show” section in Excel options. This is a known bug in some versions of Excel. 

Although this option is not selected by default, it’s possible to set it accidentally by pressing a particular keyboard shortcut (CTRL+6).

To fix this issue, you can unhide all hidden rows and columns in your worksheet. 

You can do this by selecting all cells in your worksheet by clicking on the box at the top left corner of your worksheet (above row 1 and to the left of column A), then right-clicking on any row or column header and selecting “Unhide” from the context menu.


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I faced very same problem, i tried all the solutions mentioned above, but no avail. Then I noticed that I was able to hide all but two columns. I realized this was because there I had inserted a note in the last column and those two columns were required to show the notes. I edited the notes, moved it to left. Voila, I was able to hide all columns after my content

I am experiencing the 'Can't push objects off the sheet' error message when attempting to hide columns to work with vendor data.  None of the workarounds work and the error message seems to become a new feature of the hide function.  My only solution was to download a new copy of the workbook and to hope the popup doesn't come back


I am on Office365 for enterprise and the issue seems to begin when more than 12 colums are selected OR if the selection is close to the edge of the visual screen.  the popup may not occur if you do a smaller selection of columns, but once it happens, it will happen again, and effectively lock you out from hiding AND unhiding content.  super annoying as i use this function regularly