Workbook Links Connection Blocked

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Please Help Us, How to Link between 2 Workbook in same One Drive Directory, As you can see Picture Above, there is 

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Hi @Manajemen_Integrasi 


it may sound stupid but have you tried to click on the button "Enable content"?

Hi @Martin_Weiss,


Thank you for your response, i mean can us permanent enable content. 

Any ideas on how can I configure things so that it does not display this message to the browser and retrieves the values immediately?

Hi @Manajemen_Integrasi 



on the desktop versions, you could change the settings for external content in the Trust Center:


But according to your screenshot, you are using Excel for the Web. And as far as I know, there is no such setting in that version that you could change.

@Manajemen_Integrasi did you get any solution? I have the same issue, and I found no solution so far.