Excel formula execution halted and results in #BUSY error

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Dear Community,

In my Excel spreadsheet on my WIndows laptop I am encountering an error #BUSY as a result of Excel becoming idle once I tried to execute a formula. I have about 2000 rows in my Excel spreadsheet with few columns so by no means would I consider it a large database. I am applying a formula to all the cels under a given column and the formula has been working correctly up until recently. Now, when I try to apply the formula on all rows in my database, a green circle with two green arrows appears to the left of every cell. 


Not knowing what that means as I couldn't find any relevant information on the Internet I tried to apply another formula across all cells in a different column. The result is that the value contained with these cells now says #BUSY, implying that another action is currently being processed (perhaps the previous formula is still being applied). However, this is taking way longer than usual. Previously applying the formula across all cells in the given column took no more than 7-8 seconds and now after 30 minutes there is no resolution.



Any advice on how to resolve the problem will be deeply appreciated.

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Are these formulas using a user defined function which is fetching data from an on-line source?