Meet Niko Chatzoudis, Excel Forum Contributor
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The Excel Tech Community forum is where anyone can ask questions and get answers about Excel. The incredible forum contributors are the superheroes always ready to help others tackle their toughest Excel challenges. Today, we'd like you to meet Niko Chatzoudis.


Niko ChatzoudisNiko Chatzoudis


Niko started his career as a small shop owner in Greece where he assembled and sold PCs to the local people. He then sold the company and went to work as a store manager in a global telecommunications company. He rose quickly to area manager and then regional manager at in the company, followed by sales director across various subsidiaries. A few years later, he joined another company in the electronics industry as a sales manager. This job, however, ended up with a lot of traveling, keeping him away from home, and soon, he decided he would rather spend more time with his family.

Now living with his family in Germany, Niko helps his wife run a state recognized children's institution, providing refuge and support to young children from challenging situations. With his tech background, he naturally became the IT person for the institution. Moreover, he helps the children learn to use PCs and the basics of Microsoft Windows and Office, especially Excel.


Niko has used Excel passionately for almost 30 years throughout his career. In his free time, he participates in many Excel online forums, helping others tackling their real world challenges with Excel.


Niko is particularly fond of the Excel Tech Community forum. When asked why people should join this forum, he said,


It's a win-win situation. You give something and you always get something in return. You can feel when a person is happy and you develop respect for them.


In the Excel Tech Community forum, Niko loves sharing his Excel knowledge with people from all over the world, from different countries and different cultures. For him, the forum helps "bring the world into his home.”


Niko believes in not only helping the user but also in delighting them. The feedback in the forum gives him positive energy, which he channels back to his everyday life.


Thank you, Niko, for your continued contribution to our Excel community!



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