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  • , 02-10-2017

    In the past week, we have been getting reports of Office 365 Business Premium subscribers on First Release not seeing Outlook Customer Manager. We would like to thank you everyone who reported the problem.


    After investigating the issue, we found that Ou

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    , 03-01-2017

    Welly, I appreciate your efforts here but I am a Microsoft Partner, run a hedge fund and am starting a medical device company.  I can't spend another second on this.  you shoudl try a use case not as an administrator and see what the experience is like - its mind numbing to do this - but tell Satya I guess I need to license zoho or ACT!

  •  in Outlook
    , 02-17-2017

    I'm seeing this feature in Outlook on the web, but it seems not finalized yet: Participants of the poll receive the poll notification, they can vote, but as an organizer I don't receive notifications when people have voted. Not useable at this stage.

    I cou

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    , 02-28-2017

    I just heard via Microsoft Education webcast that the FindTime product from the Microsoft Garage is being rolled into Office 365. https://products.office.com/en-us/business/office-365-roadmap/?featureid=56796&featureid=56796

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    , 02-28-2017


    By default, there are bunch of requirements for making digital operations with e-mails in Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 and not all of those requirements are fulfilled by default.


    We need to make following changes to computer configuration to

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  •  in Outlook
    , 11-01-2016

    First off I know direct booking is bad and that wherever possible the use of free / busy scheduling should be used.


    I have observed a number of our executive assistants who manage the calendar and meetings of senior executives co-ordinate the diaries of u

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    , 02-28-2017


    I dont know if our issue s are exactly the same as we are seeing perf issues when opening mail, caledar and other activites within Outoook. At this point we think the issue is somewere within the MAPI/HTTP stack in IIS or Windows but more debugging would be necessarry to see and we dont have the hours to burn. We have found that if we move the user from using MAPI/HTTP to connect to their mailbox to use RPC/HTTP the issues seem to be resolved.  I would sugesst that you try the same. to do this with in powershell enter Set-CasMailbox -Identity "user Alias" -MapiHttpEnabled $False

    if you find that this helps your issue please if you can open a ticket with Microsoft and ref SR 116102414841137



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    , 02-28-2017

    Changing from one mobile platform to another can be interesting. I went from Windows 10 Mobile to iOS and so far, no major damage is done. Some interesting differences exist in how Outlook for iOS and Outlook mobile synchronize email to devices. I wanted

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