ADK for Windows 11 and ADK for Windows Server 2022: VAMT does not work anymore

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In both ADK post 2004 version VAMT 3.1 fails to connect to the SQL instance.


- cannot connect to existing instance of SQL (2014)

- cannot connect to new database in above instance



uninstall ADK Windows 11 or Server 2022 and install ADK 2004. Works immediately. 


Who from Microsoft Team can help to triage and fix this?



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I have spent xx hours on this problem and this posting probably save me xx hours more. 


However, when installed it refuses to accept 2022 key and upgrade ends (of course) with the same error. At least I can serve our current installations, but not 2022. Any info to share with this issue?

@Raymond Andreassen you're welcome but it seems you are reporting an entirely different issue with activation. I said that the Database connection of VAMT 3.x does not work anymore. 

@Michael Reinders @Mary Hoffman  @Raymond Andreassen 

Hi there we are trying to setup Server 2022 for production and VAMT 3.1 is still a blocker

VAMT 3.1 from Windows 2004 ADK cannot import keys generic activation keys for Windows Server 2022

VAMT 3.1 from Server 2022 or Windows 11 ADK would be able but cannot open any database. Please let me know if this could be reproed (I can for 2 customers) and you can bring hotfix for the VAMT / ADK Win 11 / 2022 or I need to open a ticket.

Thank you very much in advance. I have not caught this in the preview as there was no need for centralized management of KMS activation via ADBA.



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After half internet read, I was able to correct this error with the instruction on

You have to run the command in the VAMT database.

alter table base.GenuineStatusText alter column GenuineStatusText nvarchar(255) NULL

While this is no official solution, thank you very much for reporting a temporary workaround.

I hope the ADK team will bring an update that will care for that, so we don't have to rely on this manual workaround comparingly to the Office 2010 KMS setup, that have not been fixed to support Windows 10 and Server 2016 and later in the cscript, and needs manual intervention. Now this Office is out of support. ADK is not, so I have still some hope.

Our Windows Server 2022 Standard KMS keys from the VLSC, while are accepted and recognized by VAMT after doing the fix in this thread, still will not commit to Active Directory. 

hi @auRiSmith what you mean by do not commit to AD?

can confirm this works thank you @PColuna 👍🏻👍🏻
I'm starting to think not a single on-premise management/deployment tool has been updated for Windows 11 / WS 2022.
MDT is missing new OSes within "Install roles and features" step.
VAMT crashes (but I'm not sure if it has been updated since 2012 R2 tbh).
I need to check MECM for OSD/Bitlocker management features.
do not use VAMT from Windows Server Features, it should be uninstalled and installed via latest ADK. Upgrade is not possible, local or remote DB will be retained.


The design decision is intentional to not update any on premises inbox tools in Windows Server.
Example: Server Manager will not have filtering options for 2019 or 2022, even though it is a PowerShell oneliner, very unfortunately.

Print Management console is still missing in context menu in Server Manager,

File Explorer will still miss the VSS config on ReFS volumes on context menu in Explorer. All dev energy flowing into Windows Admin Center.

I hoped that some low hanging fruit regression could have been fixed, and could be still fixed with a CU without breaking anything else.

@Mary Hoffman on the topic do you have any news for an ETA on this VAMT fix? The workaround seems to work, but as I do not understand the DB structure cannot tell if this could be done in a new ADK version or something else needs to be changed. 

if you have the time I would of course appreciate some BI Reports for the other mentioned feature requests and fixed brought up in Insider Dev and repeated here offtopic to Alban.

This is a known issue and is being investigated. I'm sorry, I don't have any further details for you at this time.
Thank you Mary for taking the time to confirm and reply!
I have no problems with not updating on premise tools, if there is a good enough alternative for each feature.
Windows Admin Center is promising but still missing key features from numerous MMC. I do not expect this tool to be able to replace all other management tools until a few years at least (if ever).
I bet for 5 years. And that can be frustrating as neither the old not nor the new Tools are complete or working as intended anymore.

Original install has a "-" in the DB Name. 2022 ADK VAMT won't allow the "-" in the DB Name

The DB issue fix should have been present in Build 22509 which was released to Insiders on 11/24. The VAMT issue is still pending a fix.

Hi @Mary Hoffman thanks for the follow-up. Can we expect the fixes will be released to the GAC of Windows Server 2022 after testing in Insider?

Fixes get validated first in the version that is being actively developed and then backported to released versions and released in one of the upcoming cumulative updates. Since we don't have a fix yet for the entire problem, I can't speak to what that schedule might be.