Skilling snack: Windows Server security
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As part of our security-focused skilling series, we’re adding a flavor of Windows Server to the mix. Let’s brush up on Windows Server security and get ready for the two events coming up this month: Microsoft Secure and Windows Server Summit. Look for event details below and catch a bite of Windows Server goodness that suits your taste.

timer-icon.png Time to learn: 120 minutes


Secure your hybrid and multicloud machines through Azure Arc-enabled servers

Looking to bridge on-premises and cloud environments? Explore Azure Arc-enabled servers! Learn about planning and securely deploying them at scale. Complete this learning module and add 900 XP to your learning streak!

(38 mins)

Azure + On-Prem + Hybrid + Multicloud + MS Defender + MS Sentinel



What’s New in Windows Server v.Next

Learn how the Windows Server v.Next platform enables you to modernize applications and support hybrid use cases. Discover how the latest innovations in this release can help your organization enhance its security, achieve better performance, and reduce costs.

(45 mins)

v.Next + Active Directory + File Server + Storage + Hyper-V + Security


Windows Server network security

READ icon.pngREAD

TLS/SSL overview (Schannel SSP) (2 mins)

Start with the basics of Schannel that implements Internet standard authentication protocols. Specifically, learn about Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Read on about their description, applications, requirements, and additional references.

Secure DNS Client over HTTPS (DoH) on Windows Server 2022 (5 mins)

Learn how to configure the Domain Name System (DNS) client. You’ll want to do this to support DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH). including with Group Policy. Follow our guidance to determine which DoH servers are on the known server list and add a new DoH server.

Overview of file sharing using the SMB 3 protocol in Windows Server (13 mins)

Are you using the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol for file sharing? See if you should! Read the description, practical applications, an overview of new and updated features, as well as hardware requirements.

Improve performance of a file server with SMB Direct (7 mins)

Consider SMB Direct for increased throughput, lower latency, and lower CPU utilization. Learn more and check if you meet the requirements. Follow the steps to enable or disable SMB Direct features. Then you can use PowerShell to test SMB Direct in a few steps. Finally, see how to confirm the failover capability.

TLS + DNS + SSL + Schannel + SSP + SSPI + DTLS + PCT + SQL + WS 2022 + WS 2019 + WS 2016 + Windows 10 + DoH + PowerShell + Group Policy + NRPT + SMB + TCP + IP + Hyper-V + WAN + Encryption + Performance + Client + RDMA + Azure Stack HCI + CPU + Multichannel



Windows Server Summit 2024 - March 26-28, 2024

RSVP today to learn what’s coming next in Windows Server 2025. Get best practices for security and identity and hear tips for cloud migration and hybrid cloud management.

(time varies)

Digital Event + WS 2025 + Cloud + Hybrid + Management + Azure Arc + Security + Hardening + Migration



Windows Server v.Next AMA

Catch up on this chat-based Q&A session around the next version of Windows Server. Browse the questions your peers are asking and see expert responses.

(8 mins)

Azure + Hyper-V + VM + TPM + CPU + DNS + Storage + AD + CD + SMB



Get started with the Windows Insider Program for Windows Server

Register for the Windows Insider Program for Windows Server today! Follow a few easy steps and considerations to start flighting. Finally, learn how you can give feedback that accelerates Windows Server improvements.

(2 mins)

WIP + Entra + MSA + Feedback Hub



Microsoft Secure

Register and attend our security event on March 13, 2024. This year's theme is "Security for all in the age of AI." Be among the first to hear about new products, capabilities, and offerings. You'll learn from industry leaders and get demos on the latest AI-powered innovations.

(time varies)

Digital Event + Threat Intelligence + End-to-End Protection + Responsible AI



Windows 11 Security Book

Download the latest security book for Windows 11 for your reference. Learn about security foundations and chip-to-cloud protections included by design.

(time varies)

Windows 11 + Zero Trust + Chip to Cloud + Hardware + OS + Application + Identity + Privacy + Cloud + Cybersecurity

As always, there’s a lot cooking! Spread the word and check out more of our skilling snacks at Windows skilling snacks: bite-sized learning for IT pros.

Here’s a list of relevant security topics so far:

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