Windows skilling snacks: bite-sized learning for IT pros
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Want to improve your Windows security, deployment, and management skills? Whether you're new to IT or a seasoned vet, skilling snacks make it easy for you to study up on the latest features, tools, or recommended approaches. There is a sea of technical information out there. Here's a new way to dive in without getting overwhelmed.

Each month, we will handpick a snack-size selection (or two) of essential articles, demos, deep dives, and learning modules on a specific topic—all of which can be consumed in less than two hours. Skill up over a long lunch break, the weekend, or a slow day at the office! Break the routine with hands-off video or use your browser to turn an article into a read-aloud experience while you get up and stretch, take a walk, or multitask. Time is ticking!

A growing library of bite-sized learning

This week's special:

Plan, prepare, and deploy Windows 11 - For a seamless and user-friendly move from Windows 10 to Windows 11, check out these learning modules.

The full menu:

Windows security for developers
Stay three steps ahead in the race against malware with this week's tricks, tools, and on demand Microsoft Build recordings on safeguarding your code and protecting your users.

Advanced network security
Take your network security knowledge to the next level with advanced tutorials and demos.

Windows Entra joined devices
Brush up on the process and implications of joining your devices to your Microsoft Entra ID.

Copilot in Windows for IT admins
Learn how to get started with Copilot in Windows. Find overviews, demos, FAQs, available policies, and more!

Windows Server security
Brush up on the basics and tips for Windows Server security, network security, and hybrid environments through documents, upcoming events, and demos.

Data security basics for IT pros
What data to protect and how to protect it? Get this list packed of training modules, overview documents, and bookmark future events and more training resources!

Windows passwordless options
Find overviews and demos on passkeys, Windows Hello Enhanced Sign-In Security (ESS), adoption methods, and more.

Windows hardware security introduction
Renewing hardware or hardening the existing one? let's cover some basics, focusing on hardware root-of-trust, silicon-assisted security, and secured-core PCs! Here, get quick links to a learning module, podcast, and several overviews.

Network security basics for endpoints
Check out this high-level overview of network security capabilities and options. See resources on Windows Firewall, Microsoft Entra Private Access, the EAP framework for authentication methods, and VPN options, along with handy tools in Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Entra ID.

Reduce bandwidth for Microsoft content delivery
Get a deep and practical understanding of Delivery Optimization and complementary Microsoft Connected Cache. Learn how to set them up with Microsoft Intune or Configuration Manager, then monitor and report on update delivery.

Application Control for Windows
Get the basics for Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC), from overviews and introductory documents to preparation and deployment guides. You'll also find demos for best practices, and resources to the WDAC wizard.

Voice access in Windows
Begin controlling your PC using only your voice! Learn how it works, how to set it up, and then spread the word about this accessibility-themed snack.

BitLocker management for enterprises
From basic understanding of BitLocker workings and recovery to practical readiness to configure and manage BitLocker in the cloud, brush up on how you can face the threats of device or data theft.

Cloud-based printing with Universal Print
Become a Universal Print like pro with these introductory appetizers and a heavy dose of practical steps!

Group Policy migration
Dig into this week's serving to migrate your existing on-premises policies to the cloud. Explore many of the same settings on Microsoft Intune to help you on your journey to modern device management.

Configure devices with Windows Autopilot
Explore two of the most common scenarios for user-driven and pre-provisioned deployment of Windows with Autopilot.

Windows device management in the public sector
Choose your freshly brewed and evergreen resources of compliant cloud solutions, policy management, app deployment, reporting, and more. Also, bookmark and explore our compliance offerings to find the right fit for your Microsoft Government Cloud.

Windows information and resources for IT pros
Slice it how you want it—bookmark and follow these channels on Windows updates and management: documentation, messages, blog articles, learning materials, social media updates, communities, and live events!

Microsoft Store apps and app migration
Integrating the Windows Package Manager, learn more on the enhanced Intune and Microsoft Store experience!

Accessibility in Windows 11
Dish up on IT admin guidance for the Accessibility Baseline, Azure AI tools, developer resources, and tutorials for end users.

Do more with Microsoft Graph
Take a bite out of data and intelligence with Microsoft Graph, and explore its capabilities in different Windows update scenarios!

Windows application security
Season your security solutions with some practical walkthroughs of app building, advanced endpoint management, and code integrity policies for Windows Defender Application Control.

Windows Update for Business reports
Take a closer look into building custom reports with actionable data and insights. Check out all of the capabilities, prerequisites, and guidance to customize your own compliance journey today!

Best practices for shared and frontline Windows devices
Learn more ways to utilize Windows 365 frontline, and how to choose the best recipe for productivity and managing shared devices.

Windows Update for Business deployment service
Learn more about the service description, its benefits, prerequisites for using it, practical guides on specific capabilities, Microsoft Graph training, and a behind-the-scenes look at how the deployment service actually works.

Windows LAPS
Overview of some of the best practices for password security, covering Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS); the legacy solution with Active Directory (AD) on premises; and for cloud environments, leveraging LAPS with Intune and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Using Windows Update for Business
learn about what it is, how to configure it, and how to use it with Intune or other familiar tools. Additional tips on policies, as well.

Windows lifecycle
Check out our policies, take training on our servicing model and channels, browse frequently asked questions, and find detailed release information for your versions of Windows!

Windows Autopatch
Learn more about the new enterprise service, Windows Autopatch. Check out how you can catch up on what it is, how it works, and how you can start using it today!

Windows monthly updates
Learn about new ways we help you manage updates, how cumulative updates have improved with Windows 11, and how to know when your devices will update. Additionally, brush up on the assortment of releases and how to manage them.

Windows app compatibility
Walk through the basics of how we maintain the 99.7% application compatibility rate and how to confirm it for your organization.

Windows 365 or Azure Virtual Desktop
Learn about side-by-side comparisons of Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 or jump right into the solution that fits your interest.

Windows Autopilot 101
Brush up on how you can pre-configure new devices or reset and repurpose existing devices with this automated cloud service.

Intro to Azure Active Directory
Brush up on the types of modern device identity, ways cloud-first devices authenticate to existing resources, tips to approach an Azure AD deployment, and how modern management brings insights to hybrid Azure AD devices.

From on premises to the cloud
Plan or implement Windows migration from on premises to cloud and learn how to manage Windows cloud PCs.

Windows end-user readiness
Help your end users get ready for the latest version of Windows with essential demos, training, and assessment.

Feature update management
Brush up on servicing channels, update delivery strategies, and management tools plus tips and policies.

Security fundamentals
Walk through the basics of securing endpoints, identity, and data, including essential concepts and tools, to get closer to Zero Trust.

New snacks arriving monthly

From security fundamentals and analytics to app provisioning and update management, we'll be covering a variety of topics, scenarios, and services in the big wide world of Windows. This page will serve as your library, your one-stop shop for this bite-sized learning journeys. So bookmark it and check back when you have an hour or two to spend on improving your technical knowledge and skills.

We'd also love to hear your ideas! Just leave a comment below with your suggestions for a skilling snack topic, and we'll do our best to make it happen.


Update 6.7.2023 - We have changed the cadence for skilling snacks from weekly to biweekly to ensure we focus on the topics that address current challenges or are top of mind for you. Please continue to suggest ideas for Windows-related snacks in the Comments below!

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