Skilling snack: Using Windows Update for Business
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Simplify your update management experience with Windows Update for Business. It's an umbrella term for multiple products and services that we're unpacking in a series of skilling snacks. Today, let's learn about what it is, how to configure it, and how to use it with Intune or other familiar tools. Take it one bite at a time or allow a learning module to take you through the four-course meal. Leave some room for policies at the end!

timer-icon.png Time to learn: 87 minutes

watch icon.pngWATCH

Managing Windows updates in the cloud (The Blueprint Files)

Review the different ways to manage Windows updates in the cloud, how they work, and what's the difference. Find management tools you need and compare them with on-premises management with this easy-to-follow demo.

(24 mins)

WU + WSUS + Group Policy + Intune + App Compat + Safeguard Holds + Driver



Configure Windows Update for Business

Learn how to configure Windows Update for Business. Follow this guide to group devices, configure them for the appropriate service channel, schedule or pause feature and quality updates, enable features that are off by default, and more.

(14 mins)

Windows 11 + Windows 10 + Windows Server + Windows Insider Preview + GA + MDM + GPO + ConfigMgr + WUfB



Learn about using Windows Update for Business in Microsoft Intune

Already using Intune? Read how you can easily use Windows Update for Business with your familiar tools. Review Intune policy types to manage updates and follow guidance to switch from update ring deferrals to feature updates policy.

(4 mins)

Windows 11 + Windows 10 + Intune + Policy + Rings + Quality Updates + Feature Updates + WUfB


read icon.pngREAD

Integrate Windows Update for Business

Learn how to integrate Windows Update for Business with other management solutions. Specifically, find guidance and examples to integrate with Windows Server Update Services and Microsoft Configuration Manager.

(2 mins)

WSUS + ConfigMgr + Deferral + Office + Drivers + Windows 11 + Windows 10 + WUfB



Enforce compliance deadlines with policies in Windows Update for Business

Need to set compliance deadlines? Learn how to do so from our official documentation. Configure deadlines, grace period, and reboot behavior for feature and quality updates with a policy made just for that.

(2 mins)

Compliance + Deadlines + Policies + GPO + Windows 11 + Windows 10 + WUfB


read icon.pngREAD

Update clients using Windows Update for Business

Leverage Windows Update for Business to control the distribution and methods for Windows Update delivery. Walk step by step with this 800-XP learning module to configure Windows Update for Business, enable Delivery Optimization, and to evaluate different scenarios.

(17 mins)

Maintenance + Deployment + Peer-to-Peer + ConfigMgr + Intune + Active Directory Domain Services + GPO + WUfB



What is a policy? And why shouldn't I set registry keys?

When should you use policies, reg keys, or the graph API? Watch this video to learn about the differences and practical tips for managing Windows updates with Windows Update for Business.

(8 mins)

Policies + Reg Keys + Graph API + Intune + GPO + CSP + WUfB



The Windows Update policies you should set and why

Your policy needs and practices may be different based on your industry and the types of devices you manage. Find policy names, paths, description, and setting recommendations for your context.

(16 mins)

CSP + GP + Personal Devices + Multi-User + Education + Kiosks + Billboards + Factory Machines + Teams Rooms + WUfB

If that got your appetite going for Windows Update for Business, I'll spill the beans! In the upcoming weeks, we'll package snacks on more control over approval, scheduling, safeguarding of updates (the deployment service), and getting information on compliance (reports).

For more general information on update management, revisit our Skilling snack: Windows monthly updates and Skilling snack: Windows feature update management.

As always, welcome to the table!

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