Skilling snack: Windows monthly updates
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Windows monthly updates come in several shapes and forms, but they are all here to keep organizations and individuals protected and productive. Take a 5-minute break to brush up on the assortment of releases or block out 41 minutes to take deeper training on managing them. In the other quarter-hour chunks, you can learn about new ways we help you manage updates, how cumulative updates have improved with Windows 11, and how to know when your devices will update.

timer-icon.png Time to learn: 117 minutes


Windows monthly updates explained

Start with this easy reference guide that simplifies the different types of updates. What’s the difference between security and optional non-security updates? What’s special about out-of-band (OOB) updates and continuous innovation? See our simple guide to keeping you protected and productive.

(5 mins)

Security Release + Non-Security Release + OOB + Continuous Innovation + SUVP + Release Notes + Release Health


read icon.pngREAD

Manage Windows updates in the cloud

Complete this learning module for up to 1000 experience points. Review what you’ve learned about feature update management and dive deeper into quality or security updates.

(41 mins)

Deadlines + User Experience + DO + Group Policy + MDM + Intune


read icon.pngREAD + WATCH

Update power: Microsoft management solutions for your scenario(s)

Which update solution is right for your scenario? This guide describes and shows cloud-based and on-premises solutions, including Windows Update for Business, Windows Update for Business deployment service, Windows Autopatch, and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

(24 mins)

MDM + WUfB + WUfB DS + Autopatch + WSUS + Intune + Microsoft Graph + Enterprise + Education + Pro + On-Prem


read icon.pngREAD

Use Intune to expedite Windows quality updates

If needed, expedite the installation of the most recent Windows 10/11 security updates with Intune. Start with how expedited updates work (with examples!) and whether you meet the prerequisites. Then learn how to create and assign an expedited update, manage relevant policies, then monitor, and report on them.

(14 mins)

Intune + Windows Update + WUfB DS + Azure AD + Deferral Period + Deadline + Microsoft 365 + VDA + Group Policy


watch icon.pngWATCH

Windows 11 cumulative update overview

Review how the Latest Cumulative Updates (LCUs) for Windows 11 have become smaller, faster, and easier to manage. Jump behind the scenes of package and download size reduction, improved installation orchestration, increased servicing of new language packs, and improved language and features on demand supplemental media.

(17 mins)

CU + Language Packs + FODs + CPU + WU + WUfB + WSUS + Dynamic Update



When is my device going to update?

In this video recording, hear from the developers who wrote the code behind when your devices are going to scan, download, and install Windows updates, and when they reboot. Learn about the logic that goes into the “intelligent” decisions around when to update.

(16 mins)

Windows Update + WUfB + Intune + Update Rings + OOB + Deferrals + Policies + Active Hours + Notifications

Great to see you on the other side of the 117 minutes! If you have room for dessert, check out Get current and stay current with Windows Autopatch (16 minutes to read and watch) about one of the popular solutions for enterprises that leverage Windows Update for Business or Windows Server Update Services.

Can’t get enough of this or another topic? Let us know in the comments below! In the meantime, a happy two-month anniversary to all those who have been with us through these Windows skilling snacks: bite-sized learning for IT pros!

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