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Oct 24 2022, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM (PDT)
Published on Oct 13 2022 11:34 AM (PDT) by Heather Poulsen Community Manager
Edited on Oct 28 2022 12:12 PM (PDT)

Have you ever wondered when the device is going to scan, download, install, and/or reboot? About what logic goes into the “intelligent” decisions around when to update? In this session we are going to take you right to the source (aka the decision engine code) and unpack just some of the different things we look at when determining when to scan, download, and install with the developers who wrote the code themselves.

This session is part of the Microsoft Technical Takeoff: Windows + Intune. Add it to your calendar, RSVP for event reminders, and post your questions and comments below! This session will also be recorded and available on demand shortly after conclusion of the live event.

Speakers :