Skilling snack: Reduce bandwidth for Microsoft content delivery
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Did you know you can save valuable network resources as you download and distribute Windows updates, upgrades, and applications? In just 2 hours, you'll get a deep and practical understanding of Delivery Optimization and complementary Microsoft Connected Cache. Learn how to set them up with Microsoft Intune or Configuration Manager. Then get ready to monitor and report on update delivery as you keep your organization protected and productive.

timer-icon.png Time to learn: 125 minutes


What is Delivery Optimization?

Learn about our reliable HTTP downloader with a cloud-managed solution for Windows updates. Evaluate your requirements and different scenarios for using Delivery Optimization. Note that the use of peer-to-peer (P2P) is optional.

(5 mins)

DO + HTTP + Peer-to-Peer + MCC + WU + WSUS + Intune + WUfB + ConfigMgr + BranchCache + Windows 11 + Windows 10 + Server + IoT + Linux + Group Policy


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What is Microsoft Connected Cache?

Learn about this software-only caching solution to deliver Microsoft content. Whether you represent an Internet Service Provider (ISP), an enterprise, or an educational institution, there are options for you.

(2 mins)

MCC + ConfigMgr + Server + VM + Enterprise + Education + ISP



Set up Delivery Optimization

See how you can set up Delivery Optimization with Microsoft Intune or using Group Policy. Check the recommended DO settings, scenario recommendations, and troubleshooting guidance.

(9 mins)

DO + Windows 11 + Windows 10 + Intune + Group Policy + WAN + VLAN + Entra



Try Delivery Optimization Troubleshooter 1.0.0 in PowerShell Gallery

Verify that your device settings are properly configured to use Delivery Optimization with our troubleshooting tool. Here, you can install the script and the PS resource, deploy the package to Azure Automation, or manually download the .nupkg file.

(time varies)

DO + Troubleshoot + PowerShell



Ask Microsoft Anything: Delivery Optimization and Connected Cache

Watch this recorded question-and-answer session that brings your peers together with our engineering team. Learn tips to help you configure Delivery Optimization to better support remote workers.

(26 mins)

DO + Standalone + MCC + Intune + ConfigMgr + Intune + P2P + WUfB reports + ISP + Policies + VPN + Security


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Testing Delivery Optimization

Let's test Delivery Optimization! Walk through testing instructions to check that P2P is working as expected in your scenario. Review your testing goals and the basics of monitoring first. Also, keep in mind how Delivery Optimization works as a hybrid P2P platform.

(10 mins)

DO + Windows 11 + Windows 10 + P2P + HTTP + PowerShell + cmdlets


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Monitor Delivery Optimization

Want to watch Delivery Optimization? You can do so with one of two methods. Learn about using Windows Update for Business reports and Windows PowerShell cmdlets. Find details for the two scenarios and for different versions of Windows.

(7 mins)

DO + WUfB + PowerShell + Logs + Windows 11 + Windows 10


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Delivery Optimization report now generally available

Here's a walkthrough of monitoring Delivery Optimization with Windows Update for Business reports. Start with the prerequisites and reporting basics, including the user interface, data availability, and key performance indicators. Then take a closer look at device configuration, configuration details, and efficiency by group. Finally, learn how to customize your report based on your needs.

(7 mins)

DO + WUfB reports + P2P + MCC + CDN + HTTP + ISP + Azure



Optimize Windows update delivery with Configuration Manager

There are several technologies to help your organization improve delivery of monthly updates. First, learn about express update delivery with Configuration Manager. Dive deeper into peer-to-peer (P2P) content distribution and available technologies. Find configuration recommendations and limitations before choosing your solution. Finally, browse answers to commonly asked questions to learn more.

(15 mins)

ConfigMgr + Express + Peer-to-Peer + DO


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Delivery Optimization settings for Windows devices in Microsoft Intune

You can configure Delivery Optimization as part of your device configuration profiles in Microsoft Intune. Follow instructions to create a profile before you deploy that profile to your Windows devices.

(2 mins)

Intune + Windows 11 + Windows 10 + DO + Configuration Profile



Optimize cloud-managed downloads with Delivery Optimization and Configuration Manager

Pair Delivery Optimization (DO) with Microsoft Connected Cache (MCC) for best bandwidth usage. Compare and complement the peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed cache technology with dynamic caching. Read how it works with several use cases, diagrams, and frequently asked questions.

(9 mins)

ConfigMgr + DO + MCC + P2P + NAT + LAN + CDN + Intune + VPN + FQDN



Delivery Optimization + ConfigMgr = content downloads from the cloud made easy

Watch us explain and demonstrate these bandwidth reduction solutions. Learn about the supported platforms and content types, as well as use scenarios. We'll walk you through theory and practice with step-by-step demos and some challenges and solutions to consider. Watch our answers to commonly asked questions in action!

(30 mins)

ConfigMgr + DO + MCC + CDN + On-prem + Cloud + Hybrid + Intune + Xbox + M365 + Edge


experience icon.pngEXPERIENCE

Microsoft Connected Cache Preview for Enterprise and Education Inquiry

Join the early preview of MCC for Enterprise and Education. Fill out the survey to express your interest.

(3 mins)

MCC + Enterprise + Education + ISP + Windows 11 + Windows 10 + Azure

Catering for a large crowd requires true mastery. You can cook up a storm with Delivery Optimization and Microsoft Connected Cache, and while at it, save some time for dessert!

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