Skilling snack: Advanced network security
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Ready for another dive into network security? By now, you should already be familiar with the basics, courtesy of our previous skilling snack, Network security basics for endpoints. Network security is too broad and important of a topic to cover in a single snack, and it's always improving! So, we've compiled a second serving of more advanced network security skilling to help you give your organization the worry-free environment it deserves.

timer-icon.png Time to learn: 106 minutes


Firewall & network protection in Windows Security

Introduce yourself to the Microsoft Defender Firewall, and how it benefits your network security.

(3 mins)

Defender + Firewall


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Tutorial: Deploy Always On VPN - Set up infrastructure for Always On VPN

Learn how to set up an Always On VPN connection for remote domain-joined Windows client computers. Then create a sample infrastructure.

(11 mins)

Always On + VPN + Active Directory + NPS



Zero Trust Explained

Hear all about the guiding principles of Zero Trust, and how it can help secure all of your identities, devices, data, and networks.

(2 mins)

Zero Trust + Networking + IAM + Remote Workforce


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Detecting and Responding to Threats using Azure Network Security tools and Azure Sentinel

Learn how to effectively use the data collected from Microsoft Entra ID cloud-native security services and further refine your security strategy.

(24 mins)

Azure + Ignite + Log Analytics + Network Watcher + Entra ID



Explore Microsoft Defender

Take an eight-unit course to learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Defender.

(22 mins)

Defender + Antivirus + Firewall + Malware


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Network protection in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Discover how to reduce the attack surface of your devices with the help of Microsoft Defender.

(5 mins)

Endpoint Security + Phishing + Malware



Microsoft Entra Private Access protections for on-premises & private cloud network resources

Get started with enabling secure access to private on-premises and cloud resources with the help of Microsoft Entra.

(10 mins)

Entra + Security Service Edge + Zero Trust + Global Secure Access

New capabilities to protect on-premises resources with MFA via Microsoft Entra Private Access

Jump into a deep discussion of the many security benefits of Microsoft Entra Private Access, including multifactor identification, single sign-on, SSH support, remote access, and more.

(23 mins)

Entra + Zero Trust + SSO + SSH + Multifactor Identification



5 ways to secure identity and access for 2024

Learn how security is evolving in 2024. Arm yourself with the best practices that you need to secure your network from modern, AI-powered cyberattacks.

(9 mins)

Entra + Microsoft Copilot for Security + AI + ML + MFA


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Security above all else—expanding Microsoft's Secure Future Initiative

Get informed on how Microsoft is making security a priority with the Secure Future Initiative.

(7 mins)

SFI + Threat detection + Cloud security

When you're ready to delve even deeper into your network security, consider some of our longer videos and learning courses:

When it comes to your network, there's no such thing as being too secure. If you'd like to hear more about network security, leave a comment below with your ideas, and come back later for more biweekly skilling snacks.

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