Skilling snack: Microsoft Store apps and app migration
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You can now search and deploy your applications through Intune! You may have used or heard of the Microsoft Store for Business, which is now being retired. A new option was needed to ensure your reliant functionality wasn’t lost. To do this, we’ve enhanced Intune and Microsoft Store experience by integrating the Windows Package Manager. This expands the application type support in the Microsoft Store to support Win32 applications (*.msi and *.exe). Follow along the path we’ve outlined for you below to learn how you can take advantage of all the new enhanced functionality available to you.

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Update to Intune integration with the Microsoft Store on Windows

Review how the Microsoft Store experience has been improving over the last year. The new integration with Intune offers more apps, richer content, and additional enterprise management capabilities. One of these is Windows Package Manager. Read on and watch for more upcoming improvements!

(5 mins)

MS Store + Intune + Azure AD + UWP + PWA + MSIX + Windows Package Manager


watch icon.pngWATCH

The Store of the future

Learn how the way Intune interacts with Microsoft Store has changed! The Store now combines with the Windows Package Manager to enhance access to the Microsoft Store app catalog. Learn how you can search, discover, deploy, and manage Microsoft Store apps from within Intune.

(19 mins)

Intune + Windows Package Manager + Company Portal + Winget + APIs + UWP + Win32 + REST Source + GPO + GitHub



Windows Package Manager

A comprehensive package manager solution is available for developers and independent software vendors. It consists of a command line tool and set of services for installing applications. Do you know how developers and IT admins use package managers? Bookmark this one and other helpful resources for more information and support.

(2 mins)

Windows 11 + Windows 10 + ISV + Winget + PowerShell + Windows Terminal + Command Prompt



Explore the Windows Package Manager tool

Streamline the installation and maintenance of software on your computer. Learn about the front-end components and commands, the Windows Package Manager repository, and how to contribute to the repository. Earn up to 1400XP toward your learning goals!

(30 mins)

Enterprise + Software + PowerShell + CMD + Winget + Azure + Update + Manifest + GitHub + MSIX + MSI + EXE + Group Policy


read icon.pngREAD

Add Microsoft Store apps to Microsoft Intune

If interested in adding and deploying a Microsoft Store app in Intune, here’s your step-by-step guidance. Additionally, learn about prerequisites, app updates, and the differences in managing Win32 and Universal Windows Platform apps. Finally, review Store group policies restrictions and unsupported functionalities that can affect deployments.

(10 mins)

Intune + Admin Center + IME + UWP + Win32 + EXE + MSI + APPX + Group Policies


read icon.pngREAD

Announcing support of the new Microsoft Store apps during Windows Autopilot

You can now install Microsoft Store apps across your organization during the Enrollment Status Page with Autopilot! For Intune tenants, choose whether to install apps in system context during device setup or in user context during account setup.

(4 mins)

Autopilot + ESP + Intune + Provisioning + System + User + Company Portal


read icon.pngREAD

FAQ: Supporting Microsoft Store experiences on managed devices

Find answers to common questions about the new Microsoft Store app integrations in Microsoft Intune. Browse for details on early access and availability, application content, technical requirements, migration, app management and controls, benefits, and options for app acquisition.

(11 mins)

Windows 11 + Intune + Company Portal + Windows Package Manager + DO + RBAC + LOB Apps + Updates


experience icon.pngEXPERIENCE

Get the Intune Company Portal app

Follow the steps to install and set up the Company Portal app for your organization. Find installation links for different device types. When ready, sign in to Company Portal app with one of the three recommended methods, and configure permissions. Several tips are also available for you to get started.

(7 mins)

Windows + Android + macOS + iOS + Authentication + Permissions + Storage + Protection + WIP

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