Skilling snack: Windows app compatibility
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Microsoft supports the broadest app, peripheral, and device ecosystem. Whether you're looking to understand how we maintain the 99.7% application compatibility rate or want to confirm it for your organization, this skilling snack is for you!

We're excited to introduce our freshly baked blog series to help you throughout your deployment journey: from app inventory to testing to health monitoring. Testing and reporting tools add flavor, along with the visual support of a demo.

timer-icon.png Time to learn: 109 minutes


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Introduction: App confidence: From our compatibility story to yours (6 mins)

See what's behind the scenes of our application compatibility promise and what it means for your Windows 11 apps.

Step 1: App confidence: Our approach begins with inventory (6 mins)

Gain app compatibility insights with Intune and begin deploying with confidence today.

Step 2: App confidence: Optimize app validation with Test Base (9 mins)

Let Test Base for Microsoft 365 optimize your app validation. Feel sure that your apps will work on Windows.

Step 3: App confidence: Monitor app health and fall back on App Assure (8 mins)

Post-deployment, use endpoint analytics and App Assure for added confidence in compatibility.

Intune + Endpoint Analytics + Test Base + App Assure + Microsoft 365 Apps + Edge + Windows on Arm + Windows 365 Cloud PC + Discovered Apps + Application Reliability


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Testing guidelines for Windows 11 - Compatibility Cookbook

Based on the application compatibility promise, confirm your app compatibility for Windows 11. Find guidance for general functionality testing, scenario testing, and Windows 11 feature testing.

(4 mins)

Windows 11 + Windows 10 + Virtual Desktop + Rounded Corners + Snap Groups + Taskbar


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Use the Readiness Toolkit to assess application compatibility for Microsoft 365 Apps - Deploy Office

Identify any issues with your Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros and add-ins that you use with Office. Learn how to create and interpret the report, get information for multiple users in an enterprise, store results, categorize and filter data, manage privacy, and more.

(39 mins)

Microsoft 365 Apps + VBA + Readiness Report + ConfigMgr + SQL Server


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Use Windows compatibility reports for Windows 10 and Windows 11 updates in Intune

If you don't already, start using one or both update existing Intune reports to deploy Windows 11 updates with confidence in app compatibility. Review the prerequisites, step-by-step guidance, and data latency information.

(14 mins)

Intune + Windows Update + Feature Update + Reports +Device Readiness + Compatibility


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Windows 11 application confidence with Test Base and App Assure

Explore feature work and services that comprise application confidence in this Ignite workshop. Follow the demo to get started with Azure-based Test Base service to test apps with pre-release and released Windows updates. Finally, learn how to engage with App Assure to help remediate apps at no additional cost.

(23 mins)

FastTrack + Test Base + App Assure + Developers + Validation + Support + AVD


help icon.pngGET HELP

Got a problem with an app and need immediate assistance?

Have you discovered a problem with one of your applications and need help from one of our App Assure engineers? You can learn more about our services and request assistance. If you have any problems completing our request form, please email for help.

You guessed it: essential ingredients are in the Windows Compatibility Cookbook, and we're open to adding more content based on your needs. We do hope you take advantage of Intune built-in reports, as well as Test Base and App Assure as needed. Which of the resources above answered your questions?

Bon appétit and enjoy Windows 11 with confidence!

Continue the conversation. Find best practices. Bookmark the Windows Tech Community and follow us @MSWindowsITPro on Twitter. Looking for support? Visit Windows on Microsoft Q&A.

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