Skilling snack: BitLocker management for enterprises
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How do you face the threats of device or data theft? BitLocker is a Windows encryption feature for devices and drives. In just two hours, these resources will take you from basic understanding of BitLocker workings and recovery to practical readiness to configure and manage BitLocker in the cloud. Ready to start?

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BitLocker overview

Start here to understand the workings and practical applications of BitLocker. Learn about its benefits for scenarios with and without a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Does your organization meet the hardware, Windows edition, and licensing requirements? Find out!

(4 mins)

Encryption + TPM + BIOS + UEFI + Windows 11 + Windows 10 + Windows Server 2022 + Windows Server 2019 + Windows Server 2016


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What is BitLocker and BitLocker recovery?

You can encrypt your device and/or your drives with BitLocker. What happens if there is an attempt at unauthorized access? What if it really was you and you got locked out? See what BitLocker looks like and learn how it helps protect your organization’s data.

(2 mins)

Encryption + Authentication + Data + Security + Drive + Device + Recovery



Finding your BitLocker recovery key in Windows

Consult this support documentation to learn about BitLocker on your device and how to find your recovery key when needed. Note that Microsoft is unable to provide or recreate a lost BitLocker recovery key. Only the individual user or the system administrator at your organization would have access to this unique password for security purposes.

(4 mins)

Recovery + MS Account + Entra



How to find your BitLocker recovery key

If you’re just activating BitLocker, choose from several options to back up your recovery key. From then on, check your school or work account to locate the BitLocker recovery key with this easy guidance. This demo shows you how!

(3 mins)

Device + Security + Backup + Recovery + Entra + MS Account + Encryption


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BitLocker management - Windows Security

Wherever you are on your cloud adoption journey, there are ways for you to manage BitLocker effectively. Learn how to manage domain-joined computers, cloud PCs and virtual machines (VMs), as well as workplace-joined PCs, phones, and servers. Some PowerShell examples are here to help you get started!

(7 mins)

MBAM + Entra + Join + Conditional Access + ConfigMgr + Group Policy + CSP + Server + OC + Phone + PowerShell + Recovery + Backup + TPM + VM + AD DS


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Encrypt Windows devices with BitLocker in Intune

Use Intune to configure BitLocker Drive Encryption on devices that run Windows 11 or Windows 10. Our default recommendation is using Endpoint security. Follow the steps to check your permissions, create and deploy the policy, and manage BitLocker in the cloud.

(13 mins)

Intune + Endpoint Security + Policy + RBAC + Drive Encryption + TPM Startup PIN + Recovery + Key + Rotate



Configure BitLocker disk encryption for Windows IaaS Virtual Machines

If working with virtual machines (VMs), learn how Azure Disk Encryption is different from server-side encryption. Earn up to 900 XP as you configure Key Vault, encrypt Azure IaaS VM hard disks, back up and recover data from encrypted disks, and create and encrypt a Windows VM.

(35 mins)

VM + Azure + Disk + Encryption + Key Vault + Backup + Recovery


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BitLocker recovery guide

This hands-on guide will take you through testing and planning the recovery process. Learn about Windows Recovery Environment and BitLocker Device Encryption. Walk through the recovery screen with multiple examples. Improve your readiness with steps to reset recovery passwords and retrieve the BitLocker key package.

(31 mins)

Recovery + AD DS + Password + TPM + BIOS + UEFI + PIN + PCR + Analysis + RE + Entra + GPO + Key + VBscript

Have room for dessert? Check out Enforcing BitLocker policies by using Intune: known issues for common troubleshooting scenarios (15 minutes to consume). For more tasty treats, browse BitLocker FAQ (36 minutes).

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