Skilling snack: Intro to Azure Active Directory
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Passwords. PINs. Windows Hello. Passwordless authentication. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is the solution to all your organizational authentication needs, whether exclusively in the cloud or in hybrid environments. Brush up on the types of modern device identity, ways cloud-first devices authenticate to existing resources, tips to approach an Azure AD deployment, and how modern management brings insights to hybrid Azure AD devices. Today’s selection of resources, learning modules, and videos feeds a variety of needs and preferences.

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What is device identity in Azure Active Directory?

Before talking about Mobile Device Management and device-based Conditional Access policies, it’s important to understand what device identity is. Let’s start here!

(2 mins)

MDM + Access + Provisioning + Conditional Access + SSO



Describe the services and identity types of Azure AD

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service. Learn about Azure AD, its services and the types of identities it supports. Get up to 900 experience points for learning fundamental distinctions among internal, external, and hybrid identities, along with hybrid authentication processes.

(26 mins)

Identity + SSO + Microsoft 365 + Microsoft Entra + Active Directory + Developer + B2B + B2C + Hybrid + Authentication


watch icon.pngWATCH

Jump into modern managed devices with Azure AD Join

Want more Technical Takeoff goodness? Learn how to leverage Azure AD Join to access on-premises resources. Take full advantage of the modern experience of a “born in the cloud” Azure AD Join device, while still having access to on-prem resources.

(14 mins)

MDM + On Premises + Hybrid + Autopilot + Autopatch + Endpoint Analytics


read icon.pngREAD

Join your cloud-native endpoints to Azure AD

Which option is right for your organization? Learn about hybrid endpoints and those joined to Azure AD. Follow the cloud-native endpoints guidance in this official, evergreen documentation.

(9 mins)

Endpoint Management + Intune + WUfB + WSUS + GPO + Safeguard + Policy + Drivers



Plan your Azure Active Directory device deployment

Choose the implementation plan that’s most appropriate for your organization. Should you register devices with Azure AD, join them to Azure AD, or hybrid Azure AD join devices to your on-premises Active Directory domain and Azure AD? Use the provided deployment plan and management tools today.

(15 mins)

MDM + Co-Management + Intune + ConfigMgr + Group Policy + Administrator + Device Management



Managing Azure Active Directory and hybrid joined Windows clients

Join this latest Microsoft Ignite session on who Azure AD joined and hybrid management is changing. Learn about both the benefits and challenges of cloud-based client management and provisioning with Autopilot, as well as transitioning from on-premises to cloud.

(46 mins)

Device Identities + Cloud Management + Endpoint Analytics + Remediation + Compliance + Conditional Access + WUfB + Apps + ConfigMgr + Intune

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