Skilling snack: Windows passwordless options
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The future is passwordless, and the future is here. Whether you’re new to the conversation or have been keeping up, you’ll find something for you and your users here. Get behind the scenes of how Microsoft embraced passwordless and then skill up to the advanced authentication management level. Notice how passkeys have made their way into the current industry trends? Now just put it all into an easy-bake oven!

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Windows passwordless experience expands

See improvements made to Windows 11, version 22H2 and later for organizations. Learn how to enable a new policy in Microsoft Intune. Then walk through the new experience.

(3 mins)

Windows 11 + MSA + WHfB + FIDO2 + MDM + Policy + Intune + CSP + Entra ID + UAC + PIN + Web Sign-In + Lock


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How Microsoft can help you go passwordless this World Password Day

Don’t wait for May 2nd! Compare available options and the historical development of passwordless authentication. Use case studies and reports to evaluate your own security posture against Zero Trust principles.

(6 mins)

Passwordless + Security + Identity + Zero Trust + Phishing + MFA + Authenticator + FIDO + Entra ID + Zero Trust + BYOD



Adopting passwordless methods at Microsoft

Get the inside scoop on how an organization such as Microsoft adopts passwordless authentication. After a brief introduction of passwordless, see if you identify with any barriers and what your organization’s process might look like. Review the security benefits, MFA, Microsoft Authenticator, and test your limits.

(17 mins)

Passwordless + Security + Zero Trust + WHfB + MFA + Authenticator + TPM + FIDO2


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Windows passwordless experience

Enable Windows passwordless experience on Microsoft Entra joined devices. Check your system, edition, and licensing requirements first. Then walk through using Microsoft Intune to enable this security policy. See what user experience looks like and find helpful recommendations and additional considerations.

(6 mins)

Passwordless + Intune + Settings Catalog + CSP + Policy + Entra + FIDO2 + Windows 11 + 22H2 + UAC + LAPS



Bringing Passkey into your Passwordless Journey

How do passkeys fit within the passwordless evolution? Join our security experts in learning why passkeys are more secure than passwords, how they work, and what to consider for enterprise management. Get the latest IT and user management tips for day-to-day use.

(18 mins)

Passwordless + Passkey + MFA + Entra ID + Phishing + FIDO2 + Sync + Credential + WHfB + GitHub + Authenticator + Developer + Consumer


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Support for passkeys in Windows

Visit our official documentation on passkeys in Windows. Learn how passkeys work, especially in comparison with passwords. Check your Windows edition and licensing requirements. Then explore essential user experiences. Choose your device scenario and follow steps to create a passkey, use it, and manage it right from the Microsoft Account.

(7 mins)

Windows 11 + Windows 10 + PIN + FIDO + Windows Hello + MSA + Entra ID + Phone + Tablet + Security + Privacy



What's new in Windows identity and credential protection

Explore passkey integration, then delve into enhancements to enterprise passwordless scenarios. Learn about upcoming features and fundamental improvements to Active Directory (AD) authentication. See how you can use all the latest capabilities to simplify the sign-in experience and reduce the risk of attack.

(23 mins)

Passwordless + Passkey + AD+ Authentication + Cryptography + Encryption +Kerberos + SHA-2 + Server


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Windows Hello Enhanced Sign-in Security

See how Enhanced Sign-In Security (ESS) protects biometric data. Check your system compatibility, biometric sensor compatibility, and walk through some test scenarios to get you started.

(11 mins)

Windows Hello + ESS + Biometrics + VBS + TPM + Face + Fingerprint + PIN + Identity + SDEV


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Microsoft + Security + Zero Trust

For an advanced walkthrough of business authentication management, save this 1300-XP learning module: Manage user authentication (52 minutes to read).

So welcome to the future! What’s your favorite passwordless recipe? Leave a comment below and brush up on other topics at Windows skilling snacks: bite-sized learning for IT pros.

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