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When I switch to the smallest taskbar in Windows 11 using registry editor Computer\HKEY_CURRENTUSER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced I choose   "0" value in REG_DWORD  in TaskbarSI. The date is displayed below the  clock and half of it is cut off horizontally. You only see the top half of the digits. The only way I can see it all is to change the DWORD value to 1. This makes the taskbar too wide. Any ideas or is this still to come? Can I remove the date altogether.

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While editing the registry to tweak settings works, i think what you are asking if for is for more options around the customisation to for example, hide the clock, change the size etc. Have you logged a request via feedback hub - this is the main place MSFT review feedback on the UI and experience of Windows 11 while its in development.


I have the same issue. Tried change TaskbarSI from 0 to 1 and back with no result

The taskbar isn't meant to be small or large so that's why when the taskbar is made smaller in size the clock is displayed awkward. Yes, true, that one can registry edit the taskbar to be smaller or larger but it either was an unfinished option Microsoft opted not to continue with or it's possible to be done but because of the coding of Windows 11 the sizing doesn't work properly and Microsoft optioned to not work on it or continue to work on it. There could be other reasons why it can be done too (left over code from Windows 10, who knows the reason why it can sort of be done in registry edit but not in settings). In other words, if Microsoft wanted it to be officially changeable they would of put an option like a toggle switch in the taskbar settings to make the taskbar smaller or larger without having to back door it with a registry edit. Maybe in future builds we'll see this option in Windows 11, but into then registry edits like making taskbar smaller or larger or moving taskbar to the top of screen is just an unofficial way of using these options thus can have problems, issues, bugs, unstableness. It's why it's not advice to use registry edit for such stuff. I tried for the experiment of it the taskbar larger, smaller, top of screen registry edit on one of my older computers that I didn't care if it crashed and while the options did work they came with unstableness and features that didn't properly work (such as registry editing the taskbar to be on the right or left of screen causes Windows Explorer to currently crash in a loop).

@Anthony , Thanks.

Fine for me however when I first updated from W10 with keeping applications and files this awkward clock panel was just as it was (with only clock showing). I only created TaskbarSI in Registry with value 0. When I installed clean W11 this problem appeared. And doing the same here did not work.