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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Login Issues

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I have a computer at my Church office that wants me to use an email i set up to login.  email address removed for privacy reasons.  When i try to sign in, it says the email does not exist.  When i go to create that same email, it says it is used by someone else.  This does not make sense at all. I cannot use this computer at all without getting this situation taken care of.  Please help. 

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To make sure you got that email, you need to log into the email account first. If that is not the case, please verify if the email address you have created corresponds to the one you are attempting to log into.



The email is right.  It cannot be logged into.  When you try to login, it says it doesn't exist.  When you try to create it with the EXACT SAME email address, it says someone else has that account.  In my research, I found that microsoft deletes email accounts that have not been logged into for 2 years and will not release them again.  Unfortunately for me, that is the only way the computer will give us the opportunity to log into it.  It wont give me any other options. So i cant get into that computer unless i login to that account, that account does not exist and no one can reinstate it to me.  It is an absolutely ridiculous and stupid system that not even the technical support people have an answer for.  

Hopefully, someone on here can tell me how to bypass it so i can login to the computer and change all of the settings so it wont be on that particular account.