Windows 11 - not remembering anything....

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oh my god, its driving me mad.....


recently updated to Win 11. every time i restart, the following happens


chrome / bing bookmarks change back to something from 2 yrs ago even i have transferred them to my new machine.

youtube cant remember my login creds.

autodesk inventor does not remember my login details

sql server does not remember my credentials

microsoft login checkbox to 'stay logged in' does not remember anything

snagit widget doesnt remember its position

windows forms do not stay in the same place

1 of monitors switched off like windows doesnt see it...


basically, it doesnt remember anything and i never had any of these issues before so what do i need to do with windows 11 to get it to remember?




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Have you set up - a new OneDrive cloud copy application?

"Using Windows Backup, you can select your preferred backup options across most files, apps, settings and credentials4. When you move to a new Windows 11 PC, you’ll have the option to restore content from any of your backed up PCs, directly from the cloud, by logging in using your Microsoft account6. Windows Backup will make sure that everything is where you left it on your old PC5 – just how you like it. And, if you need more than 5 GB of"

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