Lock screen crashes occurring on multiple systems that require a forced power cycle to recover

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I have multiple windows 11 23H2 systems that exhibit the same behaviour of the lock screen process, alongside searchapp, crashing after the displays have gone to sleep, they run different hardware and drivers so its not specific to that, this seems to be a very specific bug with windows 11 itself.

This is a very severe problem that I need a proper solution to, and disabling screen sleep behaviour doesn't work as selecting the "never" option will just revert it back to the 15 minutes option.

Using ctrl+win+shift+B to reset the drivers does nothing, since the drivers themselves have not crashed, so it will simply just sit on all screens being black and the lock screen process will never be restarted, which is an additional windows fault of itself since it should always ensure that the process is running even after a crash.

The current crash events I see in event viewer are;
"The program SearchHost.exe version 624.7505.30.0 stopped interacting with Windows and was closed."
followed by
"The program LockApp.exe version 10.0.22621.3527 stopped interacting with Windows and was closed."
and about 12 events of WindowsBlackScreenDiagnosticsV1 and LiveKernelEvent, sometimes the search and lock events are printed repeatedly and sometimes they are just singular, its unknown if the other events are specific to forcing driver resets.

Microsoft support told me directly to report these bugs here, and I already reported the bugs via feedback hub before contacting them, but as is usual I never see anything critical in the feedback hub ever fixed...

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