How to automatically set mouse jump from one monitor to another (5 monitor setup)

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I) My main monitor is nr 3




Monitor nr 4 and 5 resolution:     1920x 1080

Monitor nr 3 (main) resolution:   3440x1440


Monitor nr 1 and 2 resolution is:  1440x2560

Is there a way to make jump of mouse when I move from monitor nr 3 to 2 fluent? Right now my mouse jumps from main to 1 or like 720px in wrong place.


1) Is there a way to solve this through Windows?

2) If not, is there a way to somehow catch event:

  a)  of mouse moving from one monitor to another?

  b)  from which monitor I moved my mouse to another and automatically change the position of mouse?

   and program it, so the jump of mouse from one monitor to another is proper? Or maybe there is an option in Windows that could automatically solve it?


II) I tried a second way of positioning thingsMessenger_KdfSrs8Urh.png


This way I can't jump directly from nr 3 to 1 or 2.

I need to go through 4 to get to 1.


Is there somehow a way to make 'gap' between monitor 3 and 1/2 to not prevent me from entering another monitor?


III) I also tried making resolution smaller of monitor 4 and 5:


The problem about this solution is that now I can't jump from 4 to 5 and well I have lower resolution on 4 and 5 which is not nice.


Have a good day!

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