Windows 10 Start Menu takes over screen

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Hello all,
I know a recent Windows update just came out (October 2018) and some big changes have been made. However, I'm uncertain that this is one of them. One of my friends approached me the other day about updating their Windows machine. The update, taking place in September, took a near 24 hours and still wasn't complete. I wasn't there to tell them not to shut down the machine, but they did. I believe this may affect the current condition. I'm willing to provide update details if needed. However, if someone knows what is happening off the top of there head, there is no need for details.

Let me know! Check out the picture
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Maybe tablet mode is on. You can find the toggle in Action center.
Thank you for replying, tablet mode I can confirm off. "Use start full screen" is also off. And the taskbar is locked.

Also forgot to mention in original message; programs can only be closed, not minimized nor maximized.

Well, in that case i can only suggest doing Reset. You may try with leaving personal files in place. This way it only reinstalls the system. Of course apps will need to be reinstalled. Or save the documents and do clean reset wiping everything.

Thank you, at this point. That will be my last option as you've said. I've done some research and concluded the same.

Thank you.
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It was in tablet mode. I didn't think it was. I went into settings and saw the settings were toggled to choosing the best option for hardware. I assumed the computer thought it wasn't a tablet. So I switched to always desktop mode, and it now works correctly. I really thought the computer would know it's own hardware.