USB Ports Not Working

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A recent power outage caused the USB ports on 2 PCs to stop working, no keyboard or mouse. ON PC 1: I changed to a different HDD with Windows 10 and all rear USB ports worked fine. This indicates a Windows 10 software issue, and not a hardware issue (using same kybd and mouse). How can I get into the operating system and what do I change to correct this issue?


ON PC @2: I remoted in and can see the keyboard and mouse in Device Manager under Other Devices. I unplug them and they drop out; replug and they come back under Other Devices. This makes me think that the hardware is working but again it's a software issue. It also says no drivers are loaded for the device; I do a search, and then search via Win Updates, but no drivers are located. Anyone have any help or suggestions? All help is much appreciated!

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It depends on your Hardware system. Usb ports working feature doesn't work in all PC or Laptop beacause it is not supported in all types of Hardwares. Maybe your are right about software problem. So, if you have any Backup or Recovery data of your Windows. Restore carefully. Also, you can reinstall your Windows 10 by Bootable DVD or USB. Thanks!