Upgrade to version 2004

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My system in a Dell Inspiron 3668, intel Core I-7-7700  3.60Ghz, 16Gb ram

Currently using windows 10 Version 1909 OS Build 18363.900

I upgraded to version 2004 and let it install over night.  It opened and ran and seamed to operate well.  That is until I started using Photo,video, audio, and graphic programs.  It slowed down and stopped responding at all.  I decided to go back to version 1909.  I loaded the windows pe boot disk and It would not boot and I got and error Your computer need to be repaired.   I inserted another copy of that disk and it did not recognize the dvd drive.   I had to load the windows 10 repair disk to repair the system Bios. Finally I loaded the windows pe boot disk and loaded my version 1909 backup.  It is now working properly.  It is really a shame, I liked the user interface and the way it functioned.  If only you could get all the bugs out 

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I have nothing to add here other than the statement that feature update 2004 is a royal screw up on so many fronts, one really has to question the MS Q&A process at this point. That being said, not one of my business clients requires it so I will be delaying until the last possible day with 2004.
Question: Did you go directly to booting from repair media or did you not try to roll back the feature update from within Windows itself? I don't' have to play with recovery often enought o know this, but, I wonder if you were in a situation where using outdated boot media wsa the issue, and did you perhaps need to create new boot media that would recognize whatever 2004 is.