How To Change User Name Windows 10

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You might have set up Windows 10 on a computer that belongs to someone else, or you might just want to change your user name for security reasons. Whatever the reason, changing your user name in Windows can be as simple as clicking a few buttons. In this post, I'll show you how easy it is to change your user name in Windows 10!

1. From the Control Panel

To change your account name in Windows 10, you'll need to open the Control Panel and click on User Accounts. You can also search for this app by typing "User Accounts" into Cortana's search bar. Once you've opened up the User Accounts page, click on Change Account Name. Enter your new name and then press Save Changes at the bottom of the screen to confirm it!

2. Through Command Prompt

To change the user account name through the Command Prompt, you must first open it and then type the following commands:

  • net user (for example, net user mahmud newname)
  • Press Enter after you enter the above command. Your account name will be changed to .
  • Now type net localgroup administrators /add (for example, net localgroup administrators mahmud /add). This command adds your username to the administrators group so that you can sign in with this version of Windows 10 without having to log out or close programs running in it currently
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