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I had to do a Windows10 re-install last week and now Bluetooth isn't working.  In Settings, it says "bluetooth is off" on my bluetooth enabled devices.  I do not have a button to turn it on.  I've been through all the help guides, doing an uninstall and reinstall, updating drivers, etc.  It still says "bluetooth is turned off". How do I get it turned on? Screenshot attached.


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do you have the ability (right/left click on the device) to unpair it? then you can try pairing it again.
also here is a quick support page if you haven't check it out already


Thanks for your reply, but I do not have the ability to do anything with my devices. As you can see in the attachment it says 'bluetooth is turned off'.  I'm at a loss.  I've tried every link I could find to try to turn bluetooth on but to no avail:( I even used the automated help desk and finally asked to speak to someone, but no one signed on to chat with me.  Next time through I asked to speak to a person and got an error message.


You mentioned it is newly installed Windows, have you tried check for update?

What is the model and manufacturer of your PC?

Try open start and search for feedback and open Feedback Hub app and report this issue.

I had a similar problem in a previus build of Dev Channel, the solution i found was poweroff the machine, and then restart. Only restardt doesnt works. Anyway, with a new build i have this solved.


then another issue i got with bluetooth is that sometimes i lost my mouse (microsoft surface mobile mouse) and the solution for that is to open the bluetooth windows, and it start to work again.


My machine es a Dell XPS 13, i also updated all drivers to lastest from Dell site.


I hope this helps. Robert DL