After upgrade to build 17035 BAD POOL CALLER

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problem after updating to new build 17035 BADֲ POOL CALLER and green screen count 100% and reboot



already uninstall programs that are no necessary  check disk health and more


build 17025 was having another problem that fixed  (volsnap.sys replaced with old version of the file)


any idea 



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if someone can move my post to windows insider it be great TNX
I am going through the same mess....1st updated all drivers....2nd memory diag 3rd bios update and other option too many too name which includes a 4th reset joy it gave me the same build 17035 as reset on safe mode it takes longer to reboot through.
I am going through the same mess....1st updated all drivers....2nd memory diag, 3rd bios update and other options too many to name which includes a 4th reset far no joy... the pc reset gave me the same build 17035. One thing i noticed however on safe mode it takes longer to auto reboot with bad pool caller error through.
Same here

I have the same problem, constant crashes with this build with bugcheck 0x000000c2 (0x0000000000000004, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000, 0xffffc702dfb44008)

Iv had a similar problem. I get a BSOD approxmently 10mins after boot.  This just after the volsnap.sys BSDO/GSOD issues. I hope there is a similar fix or workaround as I don't see how I could get an upgrade installed with such a lack of stability. 


Even more than a fix or work around for this issue. We need a way to upgrade from not within the failing OS. Currently the windows installer will only upgrade from within the previous install. This is fine for slow ring or release ring but fast ring we need the ability to upgrade to a later release from a place of no stability. Basically we need an upgrade option from the media creation tool installer. 

I too get this exact GSOD. (BAD POOL CALLER) - It randomly crashes, and i had to roll back to 17025. I now have the issue that now 17035 is (downloaded) and is waiting to install (again), and i can'r remove it from Windows Update !)&!#?!.... And it keep nagging me.


Can anyone tell me why 17035 doesn't appear in the feedback hub? - I can only see messages and announcements until November 1st, nothing further is shown?


I agree that this is a huge issue, because even after rolling back to 17025, i cant find a way to remove the downloaded 17035, and i relly want to skip that build, and go on to the next as if i install 17035 my system becomes so unstable that i can't download and install any "next" build..... :(

Hello guys
I had the same problem and finally after all the efforts i.e. safe mode booting, resetting if win., I factory restore my system with c drive formatted through automatic recovery. Now system is working smooth although I lost all the installed apps and settings. Kindly backup your system c drive before proceeding.

Wow that sucks....This is not right ....come on Microsoft please help usa.....

Buona Sera, scrivo in italiano. Ho lo stesso problema ma non posso formattare. Che faccio?

hi to all

did any one uses forticlient installed before upgrade

it stop the bsod after uninstall and reinstall it(not 100% i uninstalled more unused apps)


but now for sure no more reboots

I have been having these same troubles for a week, but today they finally released build 17040, and the download seems to be going just fine after rolling back to 17025.  

Me and many others are stuck, can't roll back to 17025 because I deleted it, tried everything under the sun. I found out that disabling the network driver extend the duration before the crash by 10-15 min. So i downloaded the iso for 17040 hoping to do an offline upgrade but it ALWAYS results in the BAD POOL CALLER right after i click "Accept" on the terms and agreements. Don't know what to do. Would greatly help if the Windows Team tell us what the root of the issue was in 17035 so that we can troubleshoot around it or release a hotfix for this.

Same here stucked with 17035. Tried to roll back but windows says It cannot rollback but I didn't remove previous versions.

syster restart few minutes after restarting even during login.


please ms help!

Able to roll back to 17025 than update to 17040.

now all is working fine


Have the same thing, and that on a Surface Pro 4.


Can you imagine. System keeps on looping. No way to get it out of it and restart / Recover

On my pc i managed to upgrade from 17035 directly to 17040.
For me it was uninstall some un used applications

How do you select build 17040 to install,


my SP4 reboots within 20 seconds after startup with a dump.

There is ampel time to start recovery


So how do I loop out of this freakin build in 20 seconds.